Coloring pages for children

Children need constant inspiration. And coloring pages for children make a significant contribution to effectively promoting the creativity of our youngest. There is no rule of thumb as to when a child is old enough for coloring pages or when it should start. Sometimes there is an interest in this as soon as the little ones can hold a pen and in other cases the desire to paint is only awakened when they come to school.

Coloring pages - Free coloring pages for children

All of this is not a question of intelligence. Every child is a small personality and his likes and dislikes sometimes develop in very different ways. However, it is generally important to offer opportunities to promote creativity as meaningfully as possible. Coloring pages can make a decisive contribution to this.

Free coloring pages for kids
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Each of you knows coloring pages or once colored them as a child. Certainly you still remember individual painting motifs from your childhood such as animals, cars and landscapes. What a pleasant pastime and a wonderful time it was. How did we love these kids coloring pages.

Paint yourself? There is a house, there is a car and a tree. In contrast to the car, the tree may have turned out a bit too small. Then another try. This time the dimensions are more correct.

Little by little the children train her spatial imagination and it opens up dimensions and the size of different objects. At some point, faces will come. After several attempts, progress will be made here as well. The proportions and distances adapt. Mouth, eyes and nose find their right place through many repetitions.

Painting soothes and leads to an exact eye. For children who are active all day, painting is an ideal balance: the environment must be carefully observed. This trains the ability to concentrate and has a positive effect on the use of the pad and pen.

But not only there. Also at school and later at work. Finally, another positive aspect should be mentioned: the Eye-hand coordination. It is not easy for children to reconcile their haptic and visual skills. But if your child starts painting early enough, these talents can develop over a longer period of time.

Promote children's motor skills and creativity

Of course, painting also promotes gross and fine motor skills. The children quickly learn that incorrectly placed lines make the drawing appear less positive. Strokes in the right place make the picture succeed. The children notice that a steady hand is important. Painting lines can be considered as Be a precursor to spelling, so an extension of the painting ability.

Finally, everyone finds a suitable motive, which radiates ambition and pulls us into the spell. The trend for coloring pages is not decreasing and many parents are looking for child-friendly motives for coloring pages.

Especially for children, a coloring page offers unbeatable advantages

On the one hand, painting and character train concentration and endurance so as not to "slip out" beyond the outlines. In particular, young children are capable of meticulously accurate coloring to internalize shapes resembling later letter sequences. Thus, coloring pages provide the perfect exercise for a later clean typeface which goes along with excellent hand-eye coordination. On the other hand, the child is able to freely choose the pen and the color. It should be emphasized that coloring templates can promote creativity and "wrong colors" enable precisely this creativity. Furthermore, over time, the child is given a realistic assessment of color perception and aesthetics. Paintings for children strengthen the child's imagination. 

Free coloring pages to print

A great side effect is that after a busy day full of impressions, children can let their mind wander and find peace.

Download coloring pages for free
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This is particularly important at a young age, as daily new and unknown impressions must be processed. Rest periods with focus are very important here. The joy is great when the children excitedly give their self-painted pictures to mom or dad!

With increasing age, the children can let off steam with increasingly complex templates. These then always offer a new special incentive for the children. In addition, coloring pages offer the freedom to decide for yourself which coloring page best fits the child's area of ​​interest. This means in addition Strengthening and driving interests and knowledge.

Thematically selected coloring pages can also in connection with a story read aloud be used. In doing so, painting trains and senses the ability to grasp memory and children's imagination.

Use painting pictures for home-made things

If coloring is not enough for you, you can use the coloring templates as templates for lanterns, tealight glasses or window pictures. There are no limits to creativity. Our site offers various categories of coloring pages for children. Everyone can find what they are looking for from this large selection. Boys or girls, old or young, everyone will feel motivated by one of the many templates and pick up a pen. Take a look around!