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Children, especially toddlers, perceive their environment particularly intensively through the eyes. Experienced and seen things are best dealt with by children, if they can trace this from their memory. This is something children have always been doing and hopefully this will always be the case.

Drawings and coloring pages from your photos

Painting is fun for children and promotes early childhood creativity. Painting for children is easy to learn and they usually contribute themselves.

Painting is one of the early childhood and child activities that enables the children to write their environment in their childlike perspective. This view is often very enlightening for the parents and often makes you smile.

Children also like to paint. They can let their thoughts wander and practice their motor skills. Therefore, it is important to have child-friendly coloring pages. Ideally, the coloring pages show things from the child's everyday life, in this way a reference is given to the child.

We offer you the option to create customized coloring pages tailored to your child's needs. Ideally, they will have a photo or similar drawing as a template, after which we can make their own individual coloring page. If you have a treat with children planned, we are also the right contact.

Our offer to create your own templates or drawings of your personal photos is of course the same if you want a drawing for yourself as an adult and want to have drawn as a couple, for example.

Examples of individual drawings

A click on the picture opens the respective individual custom-made in large format.

Coloring templates according to your ideasDrawing from your photo

Drawing from your photo
Drawing from a photo template

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