Tinker advent calendar yourself

Just a few weeks before the advent season, the shelves of the supermarkets fill up with the advent calendar. Which family wants the 1. December to abandon the opening of the first door?

Advent Calendar

It has a certain charm to bring out the chocolate behind the door and, of course, comes last but also the pleasure that you can eat the delicious chocolate. For this reason, the pre-Christmas calendars are of great popularity, especially among the offspring.

Coloring page advent wreath for coloringA chocolate for every day from 1.-24. December, but before that there is the selection of the advent calendar. Finally, there is a very large selection of advent calendars that are stacked in the supermarkets. You can feel that Christmas is getting closer when the first advent calendars are on sale.

The simple calendars with chocolate are usually quite cheap and therefore treat some adults even a little snack for the Advent season. A nice thing is that the Christmas season has many calendar motifs to offer.

Where is the most beautiful Advent calendar in the country?

Happy Advent calendar choice: This is what one can really call it when people in the supermarket rummage through the tables and look for a great motif that adorns the wall at home beautifully. After all, the calendar hangs on the wall for almost a month and then the motive of the chosen Advent calendar is allowed to hug something.

Inexpensive advent calendars with chocolate pieces often show different motifs, but the branded advent calendars are in many cases uniform. Consumers are therefore unable to really choose a motif. In return, they often receive calendar content with a little more quality. For example, this can be extremely tasty chocolate or toys.

Therefore, many people do not choose their calendar for the Advent season because of the motives. They pay more attention to what the advent calendars behind the doors contain, to experience some surprise in the run-up to Christmas when a door is opened in the morning.

Make Advent calendar yourself and fill

Why spend good money on an advent calendar, when there is the fabulous opportunity to make these beautiful pre-Christmas items yourself? The advent calendars have a long tradition in Germany and for this reason they are from the 1. December in many a household. But the homemade calendars for the Advent season are rare.

Many people do not see why they should sit down and make a calendar, if you can buy them for a few euros in the supermarket. Of course, this is a simple step and there are certainly very nice Advent calendars in the supermarkets.

But in the end, the homemade calendars have a lot more personality and are able to bring great advent surprises. First, a basis must be found, with which a surface and 24 door can be worked out. An old jute sack can be converted for it. With a needle and thread it is possible to sew 24 tabs to the jute sack so that the user can later grab a tab every morning to reveal the advent calendar contents.

If you are familiar with woodwork, you can of course also create an advent calendar. It may take a lot of work, but would not such a calendar be a great gift? But it is easier: 24 small socks on the wall and already the Advent Calendar is made with a personal touch. But what will he be filled with?

Now the surprises come in

The most beautiful thing about the self-made advent calendar is, of course, the filling of the tabs or doors. What comes in? It should be thought about and chosen wisely. There should definitely be surprises that can not be found in every purchased Advent calendar. Otherwise, all the work would in principle for the cat and you could also have a cheap calendar in the supermarket to buy around the corner to save money and patience.

Traditional advent calendar with chocolate

At Christmas, it is very traditional in many respects and in this regard, you can also look at the Advent calendar, because in this area can be found above all calendars with chocolate, which are hidden in a square shape behind small door with motif and only ever may be consumed the day it says the door.

Whether you stick to it - well, that's the question, because in the run-up to Christmas, many advent calendars are very quickly completely open. The chocolate is so delicious and the small motifs on the chocolate are of festive origin, which is why many people find the traditional Advent calendar very well.

The calendar itself usually comes in a rectangular shape and is hung upright on the wall. Often the calendar gets a seat in a common room. But some people also hang him up next to the bed to enjoy a slice of traditional chocolate right in the morning. The place for the Advent calendar is by no means of great importance, because it depends on whether you stick to the rules of the principle behind the Advent calendar or eat the chocolate at once.

Only one door per day - is that clear?

The Advent calendar starts at 1 door and ends with the 24 door, which is usually opened on Christmas day. A little door every day - not difficult, but the temptation of delicious chocolate can be so incredible that many calendars have a short lifespan.

For this reason, the advent calendar is of course also connected with willpower and especially with kids it makes sense to explain the rules of the old tradition again. After all, every door of the Advent calendar is like a treasure chest in a small form and sometimes win curiosity and appetite for the tasty chocolate.

The Christmas door on the advent calendar

23 It's time to open a door on the Advent calendar until you finally get to the number 24. It can last until eternity - especially for the kids, but it's well worth the wait, because behind the Christmas door is usually a special piece of chocolate or a toy, with which the offspring can have fun.

And with a high probability there is a great surprise on Christmas morning when you open the door with the number 24, but what will it be?

Of course, it is again a piece of chocolate for the traditional chocolate calendars, but it usually has a special motif. Often it is the Santa Claus himself. It represents the perfect motive for door number 24 and makes you feel like Christmas on the merry-go-round, which also on the 24. December takes place.

For more specialized advent calendars from brand manufacturers, the best toy often comes with the 24. Door. That's why the kids are really looking forward to the 24. December and tear open the door with great anticipation. Once the contents have been removed from the door, there is usually something else to discover in the door.

What happens after the Christmas tree?

Well, once the content is used up, what's left of the calendar for the Advent season? Of course, the motifs, which are printed on the inside of the door or on the calendar itself. They also represent a beautiful festive decoration for the Christmas holidays and can certainly decorate the wall for a few more days.


The chocolate is eaten quickly, but there is still work to do in the toy calendar after the 24 days. Even if you get nostalgia when you look at the Advent calendar, the calendar on December 24.12th did his job and ends up in the trash can. The end of the Christmas season is therefore very close.

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