Age difference partnership

Can couples with a large age difference have a happy, lasting relationship? Apparently yes. While there were previously only a few such constellations, today they are almost normal.

How big can the age difference be?

If you take a look at the world of celebrities, you can clearly see that relationships with significantly younger or older life partners are increasing.

What is fascinating about younger or older partners?

Age difference in a relationship
Age difference in a relationship - © auremar / Adobe Stock

But what is so attractive about these relationships? Younger people may be looking for a mother or father replacement. A large fortune could also play a role.

One often hears about bad experiences, especially those made by women with partners of the same age. Some are looking for the meaning of their life to a certain extent, do not yet know what they want, and therefore prefer older partners.

Others specifically want to benefit from the maturity of an older partner who is already in the middle of life. A certain life experience can be very attractive, so that younger people often feel very comfortable in their company. The older ones, on the other hand, often appreciate the fresh and youthful nature of the younger ones, which they themselves put back in their minds by several years. This is how older men in particular, accompanied by young women, feel attractive, fit and young.

Can a relationship with partners of different ages last?

Those who have an older or younger partner often find it difficult at first to share their “new happiness” with their own environment. Because partnerships with much younger or older partners usually cause a lot of talk. Phrases like "You are only keen on his money!" Or "She could be your mother!" Are not uncommon. If other people's opinions weigh too heavily on the new relationship, this can be a first difficult test.

But not only friends and family members are often shocked when they hear about the new boyfriend or girlfriend. A difference in interests that results from the respective age can also lead to problems. For example, while older people like to make themselves comfortable on the couch in the evening, younger people often go to the discotheque or to parties. This can make mutual leisure activities quite one-sided.

Nevertheless: true love knows no age!

At least that's what the lovers say. In fact, there are more and more couples with a large age difference whose relationship works very well. After all, age is just a number on paper and has nothing to do with true love. So: Relationships that are on a solid foundation can last, no matter how big the age difference.

In addition to these honest connections, there are of course also those partnerships in which one partner really only depends on the assets of the (mostly older) other. But these seem to be isolated cases. It is also undisputed that many older men like to adorn themselves with younger, pretty women. If you honestly mean it, you should be taken aback when a man has already divorced for the sixth time.

One point should not go unmentioned either. A large age difference, regardless of the constellation, always means that a partner part often goes out of life too early and therefore the relationship. But if love is strong enough, that won't be a problem either.

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