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A same-sex relationship is a love affair between two same-sex people, that is, between a man and a man or a woman and a woman. The basis for this type of relationship is the homosexuality of both partners. While most of today's relationships are not same-sex, there is growing acceptance in the Western world of same-sex relationships.

Gay relations between men

Gays are already widely accepted in the Western world, but in other parts of the world that is still different. In Muslim countries, for example, gay love relationships are still taboo, even sexual contact is prohibited by law.

Same-sex relationships
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Gay persecution often attracts more media attention than the persecution of same-sex relationships between women, even though there are, of course, these. In this country, at least, gays in same-sex relationships are already allowed to marry and openly express their relationship, which is an immense progress.

Gay relationships between women

Lesbian love relationships are rarely as much in the media interest as gay relationships. However, similar laws and achievements apply to lesbian couples in the Western world as to gays. For example, lesbian women can marry and have the advantage over men that they have easier access to having children. While gays must adopt, lesbian women can get pregnant in other ways. Although it tends to be quieter about lesbian relationships, they too are far from being accepted anywhere in the world.

How does homosexuality come about?

Where homosexuality and thus the desire for a same-sex relationship come from is not yet fully clarified. Genetic triggers as well as disappointments in opposite sex relationships come into question. Some homosexuals have known about their affection for life, while others only learn about it in the course of their lives.

In any case, this is a unique finding process that does not run smoothly in anybody and that is often associated with changes in personal, private space, as not all friends and family members can cope with homosexuality. The move to publicity or at least to stand by it is called coming-out and usually takes place only in the circle of closest confidants.

Many homosexuals take a long time to stand up in front of strangers, or to be completely relaxed with a same-sex partner in public.

Living in a same-sex relationship

Since homosexuals have already experienced a lot of rejection from society, their own “community” has formed around the homosexual way of life. There are homosexual websites, clubs, locations, events - the "scene" is well organized. Sometimes the homosexual helps to get to know each other, sometimes they can also be among themselves and exchange ideas with one another.

While gay and lesbian couples do not always have homosexuality outside their relationship, sharing is often important to them. In this country people in same-sex relationships do not need too much to fight for their status and the recognition of their decisions, and yet it is still an issue for them that they like to discuss among themselves.

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