Bathing rules coloring pages

Our bathing rules for grinding show various dangerous situations and are intended to help parents to sensitize children to the many dangers of swimming. And that without frightening the children, but rather to treat the painted topic with the children in a playful way.

Bathing rules for coloring

And the most common bathing rules for the very important protective measures that children need to know. A click on a link opens the desired page with the respective bathing rule:

Bathing rule cool down before swimming

Cool off and shower before bathing

Bathing rule - Never go swimming with a full or completely empty stomach

Do not swim on a full or empty stomach

Swimming rule Do not rely on swimming aids

Don't rely on swimming aids

Swimming rule As a non-swimmer, do not go into deep water

Never swimmer into deep water

Never swim where ships sail

Never swim where there are ships

Bathing rule do not overestimate your strength

Don't overestimate your strength

Bathing rule Immediately out of the water during a thunderstorm

Immediately out of the water in the event of a thunderstorm

Keep water rule clean

Keep the water and the surrounding area clean

Bathing rule Only call for help when you need help

Call for help only when you need help

Bathing rule Don't jump if you don't know how deep it is

Don't jump if you don't know how deep the water is

Coloring page never jump into unknown waters

Never jump into unknown waters

Coloring page Beware of water - Bathing rules for coloring for children

Caution on the water

Coloring page Attention in the open sea

Air mattress and sea

Coloring page don't swim too far

Caution in deep water

Please contact us if you are looking for a very special coloring picture with a very special motif. We are happy to add other motifs to our collection of coloring pages.

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