Elves and fairies coloring pages

Little fascinates girls in particular more than the world of elves and fairies. And even adults cannot ignore the cuteness of these mythical creatures.

Coloring pages fairies and elves

Reason enough for us to offer our own category coloring pages fairies and elves. Browse through our free collection of coloring pictures. Clicking the link opens the page with the respective elves and fairies coloring page.

Coloring page elf with fluteElf plays the flute

Coloring page elf on flowers

Elf on flower

Elf fairies mandala for coloring

Elves / fairies mandala

Coloring page tooth fairy

Tooth fairy and child

Coloring page / coloring page Tooth fairy and teeth for coloring

Tooth fairy and teeth

Coloring page little elf in the forest for coloring

Little elf in the forest

Coloring page elf


Coloring picture elf for coloring - coloring page for children

Elf with elf dust

Coloring page fairy for coloring - fairy coloring page


Coloring page fairy / elf

Fairy / elf

Coloring page fairy / elf

Fairy / elf

Coloring page fairy / elf with roses

with roses

Coloring page fairy / elf with staff

Elven staff / fairy staff

Coloring page fairy / elf


Coloring page fairy / elf

Elf / fairy

Coloring page fairy / elf

with lantern

Coloring page fairy / elf


Coloring page fairy / elf

modern elf

Coloring page butterfly elf

Butterfly elf

Coloring page elf / fairy with butterflies

with butterflies

Coloring page elf / fairy


Coloring page elves and fairies

Elves and fairies



Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a very special coloring picture with a very special motif. We are also happy to create your own personal coloring page based on your specifications from a photo.

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