Coloring pages Ethnicity and Cultures

Racism, nationalism and marginalization are unfortunately on the rise again worldwide. To quote Friedrich Nieztsche: "Nationalism is about the bad exhalation from people who have nothing other than their herd characteristics to be proud of."

Ethnicity and cultures

Reason enough for us to tell our children that there are many people of different origins in the world. And that's a good thing, because this ethnic diversity is incredibly enriching. Please note our additional pages on the subject of "Against racism". Clicking on the link opens the page with the selected coloring page:

Coloring page child in Africa

Child in Africa

Coloring page child in Asia

Child in Asia

Coloring page be yourself

Be yourself

Coloring page black lives matter

African-American people

Coloring page african woman

African woman

Coloring page South American woman

South American woman

Coloring page Indian woman

Indian woman

Coloring page chinese woman

Chinese woman

Coloring page Indian woman - cultural


Coloring page multicultural family

Family multicultural

Coloring page women from different cultures

Women from different cultures

Coloring page couple from Africa

African couple

Coloring page woman from Hawaii

Hawaiian woman

Coloring page Aztec mask

Aztec mask

Coloring page Maya mask

Mayan mask

Coloring page African masks

African masks


Do you have more ideas for anti-racism coloring pages? Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a very special coloring picture with a very special motif.

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