Shapes and colors coloring pages

Not necessarily the most exciting category on our website, but it is still important that children know and can name the most important basic geometric shapes. And it is easier to learn if you can still color in the shapes.

Coloring pages geometric shapes

In addition, the forms of geometry later reappear in mathematics and also form fundamental elements of design in art. Because even simple geometric shapes can be used to create works of art, and geometric shapes also appear in everyday life. Reason enough for us to offer our own category of geometric shapes. By clicking on the link, the page with the respective Indians opens Coloring.

Coloring pages geometric shapes

Learn basic geometric shapes

Coloring pages geometric shapes

Geometric shapes - triangle

Coloring pages geometric shapes

Geometric shapes - circle

Coloring pages geometric shapes

Geometric shapes - heart

Geometric shapes elementary school

Learning geometric shapes 

Coloring page geometric shapes

Geometric shapes - hexagon

Coloring page geometric shapes

Geometric shapes - parallelogram

Coloring page house made of geometric shapes

House made of geometric shapes

Coloring page house and forest made of geometric shapes

Geometric shapes 

Coloring page circles - geometric shapes


Three-dimensional shapes

In the following geometric shapes, the focus is on spatial viewing in 3D. If you let the children color in some of the following shapes, the children can see that these shapes can only exist as drawings, but are otherwise impossible shapes:

Coloring page impossible circle in 3D

impossible circle three-dimensional

Coloring page impossible triangle in 3D

impossible triangle in 3D

Coloring page impossible square in 3D

3D shapes - square

Coloring page impossible diamond in 3D

Diamond three-dimensional

Staircase with a 3D effect

Three-dimensional stairs

Staircase with 3D effect for folding

Staircase with 3D effect after folding

Learning templates colors

With the following templates, children can learn the most popular colors with their parents or in kindergarten:

Template learning colors

Learning colors

Template learning colors

Know colors 

Recognize and learn colors from template

Recognize and learn colors

Coloring page blob

Splot of paint boy

Coloring page blob

Splot of paint girl


Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a very special coloring picture with a very special motif. We would also be happy to create your own personal coloring template based on your specifications from a photo. Questions, suggestions or criticism? Also like to bring it to me

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