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When traveling, you not only meet people with different language skills, but also people from a different religious environment. The religions with the most believers in the world - the so-called world religions - are Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. We try to introduce the most essential elements of the religions mentioned in our religion coloring pages.

Coloring pages Judaism

Although the Jewish religion, with about 14 million followers compared to other world religions far fewer followers, but is still one of the most influential religions of the earth. As a monotheistic religion, Judaism focuses on the "God of Israel" and is based on written teachings (Torah) and oral traditions (including the Talmud).

Excerpt from Egypt

Menorah / Seven Arm Candlesticks

Coloring page - Jewish symbols

Jewish symbols
Torah, Menorah & Star of David

Coloring page synagogue



Both Christianity and Islam emerged from Torah teachings and thus have their origins in the Jewish religion. The central symbol of Judaism is the Star of David, which also has political significance and adorns the national flag of Israel. The founder of the religion is Moses, who founded the Jewish religion around 1200 BC. When he, according to the teachings, received the Torah from God on Mount Sinai.

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