Coloring pages children

Free coloring pages children - with children as a motive and for children in child-friendly presentation. With motives of adventure with friends on coloring pages from the playground to the topic of arguing and tolerated.

Coloring pages children

Our children's coloring pages show situations where recognition is very high for the children. So it will be particularly happy to be able to paint these coloring pages with children.  Clicking on the link opens the page with the respective coloring page.

brothers and sisters

Children on bike tour


Children around the campfire


Argue and tolerate

Children on unicorn


Children in Europe

Child in Africa

Kind in Asia



In love

Indian children

Coloring page children

Boy and girl

Seesaw playground

Coloring pages for children to color

There are happy children too

Coloring page child on swing for coloring


Coloring page child plays in the mud for coloring

Play in the mud

Coloring page Playing in the rain for coloring

Walk in the rain

Coloring page playing hide-and-seek for kids

Play hide and seek

Coloring page Sandburg build on the beach for coloring

Children are building sandcastles

Coloring page slide on the playground for coloring

Slide playground

Stop racism Coloring page for coloring

Stop racism

Coloring page teddy bear | Teddy for coloring

teddy bear

Coloring page girl for coloring


Coloring page rocking horse

rocking horse

Coloring page playing croquet

Play croquet

Coloring page tug of war for coloring

sports tug of war

Coloring picture Sackhopping children to color

sack race

Coloring picture rubber twist play for coloring

Rubber twist / jumping rope

Coloring page jumping rope for children to color


Coloring page crafting and painting with children - Coloring page

Crafts and painting

Coloring page child


Coloring page playing in the sandpit

Play in the sandpit

Boy listens to music

Coloring page kids board game

Children playing

Die erste Liebe

Coloring page girl with bunny

Girl with bunny

Children argue

 Coloring page girl for coloring


Coloring page boy for coloring



Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a very special coloring picture with a very special motif. We are also happy to create your own personal coloring page based on your specifications from a photo.

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