Coloring page easter

Easter is celebrated on the first full moon in spring. There is no exact date. Because unlike Christmas, which takes place on fixed days of the year, this is a moving festival. It extends over the days of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

Coloring page easter

Children usually associate Easter with brightly colored eggs, sweets and gifts, which the Easter bunny hides well. By clicking on the link, the corresponding page with the coloring page on the subject of Easter opens:

Coloring page Easter bunny

Easter & Easter Bunny

Coloring page easter


Coloring page for kids - Easter Bunny Coloring page Easter Bunny Clicking on the picture will open the color sheet in PDF format

Easter Bunny

Paint Easter eggs

Easter bunny hides the easter eggs

Easter bunny

Coloring page Easter - Easter eggs on a flower meadow for coloring

Easter eggs in meadow

Easter card for coloring for children

Make a card for Easter yourself

Coloring page Easter eggs in a basket on a meadow - Coloring page Easter

Paint Easter eggs

Coloring page Easter basket with Easter bunny




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