Coloring page Saint Martin Lantern Festival

The Feast of St. Martin of Tours will be on 11. Celebrated in November and differently oriented in many regions. Nevertheless, the story of St. Martin and the famous act - sharing the coat - are everywhere present.

Coloring page Lantern Festival Sankt Martin

By the way, November 11th was taken as a day of remembrance because it was the day of Martin's burial. That was in 397 and since then the day has been celebrated in Central Europe and organized differently depending on the region, usually with a lantern parade. Clicking the link opens the corresponding page with the coloring page:

Saint Martin

Saint Martin shares his coat

Children with lanterns at St Martin

Sankt Martin parade in kindergarten


Coloring page Saint Martin

Saint Martin with the family

Sankt Martin Lantern Festival

Why do we celebrate Saint Martin?

Coloring page Saint Martin

Saint Martin songs

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