Coloring with children

Anyone who has children around them, grows up or works with them, will quickly recognize that a special fascination comes from the colorful pictures and drawings of the children. Coloring is much more than just a pastime in bad weather.

Why is painting and coloring so important for children?

Be it true works of art on which the child works, lost in thought and concentration, or be it short and short cracks - they have a meaningful character and are part of the child's personality. Because this is reflected in the drawings and paintings of the child.

Coloring picture little monkeys for coloring for kids
Coloring promotes children's emotional expression

It reflects even more. Paintings and drawings set signs: signs, about the relationship in which the child perceives itself to its environment. Signs of how the child sees, understands and represents his world. It is important for children to learn to express themselves and painting and drawing is one of these forms.

In this way, the child can communicate and learn to tap new content through painting and drawing. Because only he knows something, he can also show it and when children show, they also want to clarify something and communicate it to others.

It shares its personal experiences. It happens in an abstract way of painting and drawing, but it is communicated. In this way, children learn how to deal with reality, which can also help them to deal with situations, to understand and feel and understand them.

Children can be very creative and let their imaginations run wild. That also promotes.

When children draw, paint and color, they not only have the opportunity to put what is meant on paper, but also to express their own personal, emotional and social relationship to what is meant.

... and children relax so beautifully while painting and drawing.

You can relieve and 'paint' tensions. Especially those tensions that form subconsciously can find expression in painting and drawing. It helps children to process what they have experienced and to restore a harmonious balance.

At the same time, not only is the child's creativity and expressiveness encouraged and demanded when he uses paper and pen to capture his reality from his eyes and dexterity, but they are also trained.

The child learns an incredible amount of fine motor skills when it deals with painting, drawing and coloring. Painting out as an exercise requires the child to have firm pencil guidance and concentration, so that they don't paint over the edge.

It is important, however, that children, as different as their personalities, as different as their respective access to pen and paper. Not every child can relax equally and immerses himself in drawings. Not every child enjoys working with paper and pen or coloring in things.

Some children just like to watch others while they are drawing and painting. some prefer to conduct and give advice rather than sit down and create a work of art. As different as the children and their personalities are, so are the successes in painting.


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