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Australia: continent, island and state rolled into one. And Europeans associate Australia with dry landscapes, vast expanses and an exotic world of animals.

How many states does Australia have and what are the capital cities?

On this page we would like to introduce you to the country geographically. Below is a list of the 7 states in Australia with their respective capitals (Canberra is not a separate state):

New South WalesSydney
Northern TerritoryDarwin
South AustraliaAdelaide
Western AustraliaPerth
Canberra as the capitalAustralian Capital Territory

States of Australia map

Please click on the map to enlarge it:

Map of the states of Australia
Map of the states of Australia

How many countries border on Australia?

Since Australia is an island and thus surrounded by oceans, the country has no classic neighboring countries through connections on land.But the following countries border Australia in the ocean:

  • in northern Papua New Guin and Indonesia
  • in south New Zealand

More maps of Australia

A click on a drawing opens the selected Australian map:

Australia political map without names
Australia political map without names

Australia Political Map
Political map of Australia to design yourself

Map Australia
Map of Australia for Young Children


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