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Some long for them every year, for others they are a horror - the high summer temperatures. But in any case it is particularly important to protect babies and toddlers from the heat.

Heat wave: protect babies and children from heat

The little ones tolerate the high temperatures much worse than adults. They also need a cool environment because their bodies dry out faster.

Protection of children in the sun
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On very hot days babies and toddlers should stay mostly in cool rooms, at least during lunchtime.

The body of infants and toddlers takes longer to adapt to a higher ambient temperature. He needs much more fluid than the body of an adult in relation to size.

Prevent heat build-up

Infants have a larger body surface area compared to their body volume. As a result, the body absorbs more heat and stores it. If the body temperature then rises too fast, the natural cooling system can fail. The evaporation can also be reduced by a high humidity, so it can come to a dangerous heat accumulation.

In addition, if the child is taking medication, parents should contact the treating physician to inquire whether the body's ability to adapt to high temperatures is adversely affected by ingestion.

Add enough liquid

If a baby is sweating, it should be brought to a cool place. Little or concentrated urine can also be a sign of a lack of fluid intake.

However, fans should never be used when it comes to cooling the room air. These cause a child to dry out even faster.

Never leave children in the car

Babies and small children should never be left alone in the car, especially in the blazing sun. The interior of a vehicle can quickly heat up to 70 ° C.

It should be clear to everyone that this is life-threatening for small children. Even open windows cannot offer sufficient security in extreme heat.

Five "cool" tips

In summer temperatures parents can do a lot to protect their child from the heat.

We have put together five important tips for you:

1. Cover baby's head

This protects the sensitive scalp of the baby against the sun. It should be avoided indoors, as the baby additionally cools down through the scalp.

2. Offer enough liquid

Children sweat in the heat just like adults. It is therefore important to breastfeed regularly, to give the bottle or - for older children - to offer enough tea and water.

3. Do not put babies and toddlers on too warm

When it is very hot, light materials such as linen or cotton are suitable. If the child sweats, it is still too warm. There is a need for action here. In the shade, however, small children can sometimes move around without clothing - especially on the beach.

4. Ventilate early and late in the day

So that the heat does not creep into the apartment, it is recommended to ventilate only in the early morning and / or late evening hours. During the day the windows should be closed. So the temperatures in the apartment stay bearable longer. Shutters, curtains and blinds can also help keep the heat out.

5. Avoid midday heat, bathe more often

At lunchtime, when it is often the warmest outside, everyone should be inside as much as possible. This applies to adults as well as children. On vacation, the dip in the cool water provides some cooling, at least for older children and adults. Important: Babies are sensitive to cold water. The bathing temperature should be at least lukewarm.

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