Craft sheets and folding instructions

Our children grow up in a world that is full of displays and pre-fabricated material things that they forget what it means to create something and where all the great toys come from. Creating something creative on your own is therefore becoming increasingly insignificant in everyday life for our children. Handicrafts and painting not only help them to strengthen their imagination, it also helps to develop spatial thinking and hand-head coordination.

Craft sheets and folding instructions - get creative with little effort

With our help, your child can create his own airplane with which he travels the world or saves people with the help of his self-made fire engine. Thanks to the selection of different folding instructions and handicraft sheets, there is something for everyone, no matter whether boy or girl and no matter what age.

With a few utensils, your children can use our handicraft sheets to develop themselves and develop their fine mechanical skills. Depending on the age, it is also a good way to achieve a satisfactory result on your own and to have a learning success. It also gives your child the value of their toys, for example.

For our folding instructions and handicraft sheets, no huge handicraft equipment is necessary. Scissors and glue stick are enough to create a good time. A great side effect is that the children's joy in making things with them leads to long-lasting memories for them.

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Do you have questions, suggestions or criticism? Do you have an idea for another handicraft sheet or further folding instructions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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