Handicrafts with children - experiments secret ink

The Experiment secret ink is suitable for older children, as you get to do it here with fire or a hot stove.

Experiment Secret Ink - Please only under supervision

Also, be sure to be home as a parent when mission "Invisible ink " is carried out.

The secret ink is called this because it remains invisible to all, until it warms up in the right hands and thereby becomes readable.

But what ink do we use for that Experiment secret ink?

Very popular are milk or lemon juice, written either with a cotton swab (toothpick), which is dipped in the liquid, or you take an old filler and dive the spring carefully into the secret ink. This works especially well with lemon juice!

Experiment secret ink, what is behind it?

The Experiment secret ink but only starts now properly. How does our Sherlock Holmes get the scripture to decipher it?

Quite simply: in the Experiment secret ink the sheet will now - very careful, risk of fire, please only under supervision! - Panned over the flame of a candle or held over the heat of a Cerankochplatte.

The heat causes the protein (milk) of the secret ink to disintegrate and become visible, just as when meat is simmering.


For the Experiment secret ink The allegedly blank sheet can also be ironed, sometimes even a warm heater is enough!