Crafts with children - tree of life for the children's room

The nursery is the room where your child will spend the most time. Here is painted, tinkered, played and slept. For this reason, you should also pay special attention to this room together with your child.

A tree of life for the nursery

In addition to a colorful painting and child-friendly motifs and decorations, you can also create a tree of life for the nursery.

A tree of life can either be “just” a tree that can be decorated with leaves, fruits and birds.

You can also use it as a yardstick for the size of your child.

The trunk of the tree of life for the children's room is divided into 10 cm sections. The child can stand on the wall at regular intervals and see if it has grown again.

Especially for the little ones that is exciting! But the parents are also happy when the child grows and thrives.

The tree of life for the nursery can be made of cardboard. Because paperboard is usually only available in A3 size, you'll need to put a few brown pieces together to make a long tree trunk. First attach it to the floor provisionally and paint the tree trunk. You can cut this and the branches together with your child and stick them together on the wall.

You can also paint and cut leaves. So you can paint many sheets on a piece of cardboard. However, be careful to choose different shades of green, so the tree looks like real at the end.

Keep a few leaves: Each time you measure your child, you can write your child's size on a sheet of paper and stick it on the tree trunk. This will make the tree even more lush over time.

Of course you can also paint the tree directly on the wall. To do this, take acrylic paint and brush the tree directly onto the wall. Your child can certainly help you, for example, fill the stem or the leaves with paint.


If you like it a little pop, you can of course stick small rhinestones on the tree. This gives it a personal touch. There are no limits to your imagination. Even small tree dwellers such as a squirrel give your tree something special. If you put a few more birds in the tree or fly around the tree top, you have created a beautiful mural.