Handicrafts with children - design with salt dough

Most of the time, you have not prepared for these days with permanent rainy weather, so that spontaneous craft ideas usually fail because you do not have the required materials in the house.

Shaping with salt dough

But if you want to make something beautiful, you do not need much. Making salt dough is easy and straightforward because you only need a few ingredients that you can find in every kitchen.

Salt dough - a simple recipe

One part salt and two parts flour are enough to make salt dough. For example, depending on the amount you want, you would take a cup of salt and two cups of flour. Any other amount is possible, always remember to take twice as much flour as salt. Then add water again and again until a handy dough is formed.

Shaping with salt dough

With salt dough you can form almost anything your heart desires. From small figures suitable for the season to door signs, pots and pens, everything is possible. Salt dough is incredibly flexible and easy to work even for the little ones.

With salt dough, you can also make the jewelry for your Christmas tree or create murals. Another nice idea is to depict a hand or footprint of the child in salt dough and give it a name and date. Of course this is also a great gift for the grandma!

The children can even make fruit or the like for the shop. Making salt dough is really easy. Each piece is also unique.

After all work has been completed, they are put into the oven and baked at 150 degrees for about an hour.

When the little artworks are finally baked, you can breathe life into them together with your child. With simple water colors, salt dough can be painted. To make the work extra durable, you can still seal it with a spray paint.

Make with salt dough is harmless

As a natural product, designing with salt dough is absolutely harmless. Nevertheless, you must be careful that the little ones do not confuse the salt dough with cake dough and once lick the spoon. Because that is again health concern.


At the end...
Designing with salt dough is fun! All materials are in the house, so that you can make spontaneous with salt dough small works of art. Even nice presents for friends, acquaintances and family can be created with salt dough uncomplicated.

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