Handicrafts with children - needle felting

The Needle felting with children not only do wonderful creations made of wool arise, but also great gifts at the same time Felted key rings are suitable for getting started. They can then be given away great to grandpa and grandma for Christmas.

Needle felting with children

Zum Needle felting with children you only need a small basic set of equipment, which is not particularly expensive either. You need a kitchen sponge, wool that is suitable for dry felting, a plate of foam rubber and felting needles. And finally, cookie cutters. These things for Needle felting with children can be found in every well-stocked craft store, but you can also get them online.

Needle felting with children: key chain as a first work

First of all, look for that Child needle felting a shape out. It is best to choose a shape without edges or tight spots at the beginning, a heart is well suited for beginners. At the bottom is a block or other surface such as a kitchen board. The foam rubber sheet is placed on top of it and the sponge over it. The child chooses his favorite colors from the felt wool (two or three shades of red for a heart look great together!).

The next step is at Needle felting with children the felt wool drapes into the shape that should already be on the sponge. Now you move the felting needle up and down constantly, so that the wool mattes. After some time, when the wool has already set a little, you turn the mold and repeat the process until you have felted a nice pendant.


Finally, you can pull a small thread through with a needle and attach a key ring to it! Great ideas for needle felting with children are keychains for Christmas in the form of stars, ice flowers, fir trees or gingerbread men.