Handicrafts with children - door sign children's room

Tinkering with the little ones is fun and also promotes the motor skills of the kids. If you make things, but you also want to create something that the children can use, for example, a beautiful decoration for the nursery or homemade toys.

Create a door sign for the nursery

Designing a door sign for the children's room is particularly fun for the little ones, since the children's room ultimately marks their own kingdom and is a small world in itself. The door sign for the children's room can be created from a wide variety of materials. So you can use fabric, foam rubber or even plywood to create a nice door hanger.

A door sign for the nursery made of fabric

To make a cloth door sign, Mom or Dad needs help. Because here is a stapler needed, which is just too dangerous for the little ones.

Take a piece of wood, stick a side with some fleece wool and glue a piece of fabric around wood and fleece wool. At the back you can tie the fabric to the tacker.

Once the foundation is in place, you can design the doorplate to your heart's content. Stick the name to scraps and decorate it with little hearts. If you still attach a band on the right and left, you can hang the doorknob

Ein foam rubber door hanger

Also made of sponge rubber, you can easily cut, for example, a cloud that serves as the basis for your door sign for the nursery. Then you can stick a small island with palm trees or make the door sign with small figures. Your imagination knows no bounds here. Sponge rubber can be processed easily even for small hands. For small figures, you can simply print a template from the internet, put it on the foam rubber and surround it.

A door sign made of plywood

Also made of plywood can easily make a door sign for the children's room. You can use any template. Your door sign can be oval, rectangular, square, round or in cloud format. Of course, any other format is possible.

Transfer the outlines to a piece of plywood and saw this out. Now fine work is required! Because with brush and paint small works of art can be conjured even by the smallest ones. Of course, do not forget to integrate your child's name.


We hope you enjoy creating a doorbell for the nursery. For sure, this will be a unique experience for you and your child, and you will want to decorate the other doors of your home as well.