Crafting with natural materials

If you stroll through the forest with your child, you will soon notice how many secrets and surprises it can discover. There is something to discover all year round: buds and young leaves in spring, wonderfully fragrant flowers in summer and beautifully colored leaves in autumn.

Crafting with natural materials

Even in winter you can still find in the forest for crafting with natural materials unique sticks, small stones and much more.

Leaves / leaves for coloring for childrenBe inspired by your child and walk through nature with your eyes open. Collect everything you like in shape and color. Because even in fallen tree trunks, in the foliage and on the trees themselves, there is much to discover. When tinkering with natural materials, you can easily mix them with felt or cardboard.

Crafting with natural materials: an owl

The result is, for example, colorful owls with a toned paper body and leaf wings. Small feet and ears can also be created from leaves.

Crafting with natural materials: a hedgehog

Even a hedgehog body is quickly cut out of cardboard. Small or large leaves on the back symbolize the hedgehog spines and acorns provide beautiful eyes and a snub nose - let your and the imagination of your child run wild!
Instead of leaves, you can also take small sticks as spines.

Crafting with natural materials: squirrel, wild boar and Co.

Other forest dwellers can be created while crafting with natural materials. So you can also provide a small boar with sticks of sticks or build a squirrel by sticking a bushy tail of leaves.

A little tip:

Attach sticks, stones, hazelnuts and all other materials with the hot glue gun. Of course, you can put the figures together with your child, but you should not press the hot glue gun into your hand - that's far too dangerous!

Be sure that your children will have a great time crafting natural materials. Tinkering with natural materials is not only inexpensive and employs the little ones long, they can also learn something about the different leaves. Read in a book which leaf belongs to which tree.


Fill in a boring Sunday with such an activity and be sure that boredom does not get into your home.

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