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Are you still looking for an idea for the next birthday party? How about a child-friendly quiz on the subject of a farm? This farm quiz is perfect for kindergarten kids and kids of the first elementary years. Depending on the age of the children, individual questions can of course be left out.

Farm quiz for kids to print

Next our popular fairytale quiz we now also offer you this farm quiz. Animals and farms thrill boys and girls alike at a young age, so equal opportunities should exist on these issues.

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Have fun with our farm quiz

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1) What do you call a beekeeper?

  • A) Binker
  • B) beekeeper
  • C) Emker
  • D) anchor

Answer: Beekeepers are also called beekeepers.

2) Which animals were tamed in ancient times by human hands?

  • A) Leopard
  • B) bear
  • C) Tiger
  • D) Wolf

Answer: The wolf was tamed by our ancestors.

3) Which animal is a Bremen Town Musician?

  • A) cock
  • B) Mouse
  • C) pig
  • D) sheep

Answer: The Hahn belongs to the Bremen Town Musicians.

4) What do you call the field yield of a farmer?

  • A) harvest
  • B) lull
  • C) Good
  • D) agriculture

Answer: The field yield of a farmer is called harvest.

5) Which farming tool was often used in peasant uprisings?

  • A) Horseshoes
  • B) pitchfork
  • C) shovel
  • D) watering can

Answer: The farmers often used their pitchforks in a rebellion.

6) What is not a herbal product?

  • A) sugar
  • B) corn
  • C) oil
  • D) salt

Answer: Salt is mined in mines.


7) What do you call pig offspring?

  • A) Pork babies
  • B) piglets
  • C) lambs
  • D) calves

Answer: The offspring of pigs are called piglets.

8) What is needed for cow breeding?

  • A) breeding bulls
  • B) breeding bulls
  • C) stallions
  • D) breeding studs

Answer: Breeding bulls are used for cow breeding.

9) Which animal is a pest on farmers farms?

  • A) earthworm
  • B) Nudibranch
  • C) Cockchafer
  • D) Blackbird

Answer: The nudibranch eats the agricultural cultivation of the farmers and damages the plants in the fields.

10) What was the state of the farmers in the Middle Ages?

  • A) They were nobles
  • B) They belonged to the lowest class
  • C) They were heroes
  • D) They belonged to the middle class

Answer: The peasants belonged to the lowest class in the Middle Ages.

11) Which animal crows in the morning at the farm?

  • A) cock
  • B) goose
  • C) Eagle
  • D) chicken

Answer: The rooster crows and announces the dawn of the day.

12) What was man before agricultural cultivation?

  • A) scavengers
  • B) Hunter
  • C) hunter and gatherer
  • D) merchant

Answer: Prior to agriculture, humans were hunters and gatherers.

13) Which riding gear is strapped to the back of a horse?

  • A) saddle
  • B) Leash
  • C) Sprouts
  • D) seat

Answer: Riders usually attach a saddle to the back of the horse.

14) With what do many farmers secure their pastures?

  • A) With barbed wire
  • B) With an electric fence
  • C) With a ditch
  • D) With a privacy screen

Answer: Pastures are mostly protected against intruders with an electric fence.

15) How is an American horse farm colloquially called?

  • A) Horse farm
  • B) Horsefarm
  • C) Ranch
  • D) paddock

Answer: Horse farms are usually called Ranch in America.

16) What is bred in a trout farm?

  • A) aquarium fish
  • B) Food fish
  • C) goldfish
  • D) Release fish

Answer: In a trout farm mostly food fish are bred.

17) What do you call illegal fighting with male chickens?

  • A) cock wars
  • B) Cock Confrontations
  • C) Hahnduelle
  • D) cock fights

Answer: Fights with male chickens are called cockfights and are illegal.

18) Which salad is grown on many farms?

  • A) lamb's lettuce
  • B) Pasture salad
  • C) Herbal salad
  • D) Sheep salad

Answer: Many farms cultivate lamb's lettuce.

19) What's the name of a popular TV show with farmers?

  • A) Willow auction
  • B) Mad cow disease
  • C) cow of the month
  • D) Farmer is looking for a wife

Answer: The popular TV show is called Bauer sucht Frau.

20) Which farm animals can occasionally behave stubbornly?

  • A) horse
  • B) goose
  • C) goat
  • D) donkeys

Answer: The donkey is considered a sturdy animal of the farm.

21) What do farmers find when harvesting on a corn field?

  • A) Corn housing
  • B) corn cells
  • C) Corn on the cob
  • D) corn husks

Answer: On the maize fields corncobs are harvested.

22) Which animal catches the mice on farms?

  • A) Serpent
  • B) dog
  • C) cat
  • D) rat

Answer: The cat usually works on the farm as a mouse catcher.

23) Which farms feed animals fat and offer them little exercise?

  • A) fattening farms
  • B) Feed operations
  • C) Stand companies
  • D) stable operations

Answer: These often unsophisticated farms are called fattening farms.

24) Which animal guards the herds of farmers?

  • A) herding dog
  • B) Hatswolf
  • C) Hatshawk
  • D) Hats cat

Answer: Shepherd dogs take a look at the herd of the shepherd.

25) What do you call an outdoor enclosure with a grassy area for the animals in agriculture?

  • A) meadow
  • B) Tiergarten
  • C) Willow
  • D) stable

Answer: The outdoor enclosures with a grassy area are called pastures.

26) Cows in a Dairy - What happens to them?

  • A) The cows are fed
  • B) The cows are slaughtered
  • C) The cows are bred
  • D) The cows are milked

Answer: Cows in a dairy - they are milked.

27) Which farm animals give their offspring no milk?

  • A) dogs
  • B) Cats
  • C) Sheep
  • D) chickens

Answer: Chickens do not give milk.

28) What do you call human shepherds?

  • A) Sharper
  • B) shepherd
  • C) Sheep
  • D) Sleeper

Answer: Human shepherds are called shepherds.

29) A rooster lays 3 eggs on the first day, 4 eggs on the second day and 5 eggs on the third day. How many eggs does the animal lay on the fourth day?

  • A) 2 eggs
  • B) 4 eggs
  • C) 6 eggs
  • D) 8 eggs

Answer: joke question - A cock does not lay eggs.

30) What do the bees do in their hive?

  • A) flowers
  • B) flowers
  • C) Syrup
  • D) honey

Answer: The bees make honey.

We are happy to add further questions to our Farm Quiz? You're welcome .

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