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Dedicated to all the good and hardworking police officers out there! Thank you for everything.

Our “little men” in particular often dream of later becoming a police officer. However, there are also more and more of our “little ladies” who can imagine this profession.

The police, your friend and helper

That's no wonder, because the job of the police officer is basically quite diverse. They don't just drive around in their cool cars and write down parking offenders every now and then. That is certainly one of the easiest tasks that you have to master.

What does a police officer actually do?
What does a police officer actually do? - Picture of Arek socha on Pixabay

Incidentally, the ladies and gentlemen of the police also drive around on motorbikes. In some areas police officers on horses are being used again.

It only gets exciting when you are called to a break-in or a bank robbery. Who knows, they might catch the perpetrator in the act. Even after the villain escapes, finding him can be quite exciting.

But of course there are also other branches of the police, such as searching for drugs or the like. Our police friends also have specially trained dogs to help them find the drugs.

If there has been a car accident, the officers also come to record the accident. Witnesses are then interviewed, photos are taken and the scene of the accident is measured.

In demonstrations that are classified as “risky” from the outset, the so-called hundreds are used. As emergency vehicles, they then have large team vehicles in which several colleagues are on the road together and, for example, guard the route that the demonstrators pass. You've probably seen such big cars before.

These are some of the main tasks of our police officers. But there are also the little tasks that may not even come to mind when we think of the police.

There is, for example, personal protection. It can be that these are people who are threatened by other people. But it can also be politicians or other celebrities who always have a so-called patrol car in front of their houses or apartments.

For example, there are also police officers who come to your schools or kindergartens to explain to you how to behave sensibly or what to do if you get into an emergency situation.

By the way, if you see a police officer on the street and have a question, you can of course always speak to him. He will always be happy to help you and give you information.

So you see, the job of the police officer is very exciting.

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