Been cheated on partnership

To be in love means to feel safe and secure in the arms of your partner. The most important requirement for any partnership is absolute trust. But what if this trust is misused? Being cheated is one of the most painful experiences in life.

Has been betrayed - now what?

How do you endure such a fraud and how do you get back to life? Try to be clear. In the first few days, bewilderment, sadness and self-doubt dominate life. Often the dupes blame themselves for cheating on their partner.

Getting betrayed! What now?
Getting betrayed! What now? - © Alliance / Adobe Stock

It is important to take the time to sort out all thoughts and feelings. To be disappointed and sad is completely legitimate when you have been cheated. It takes time to process such a breach of trust.

Try to get clarity. Look at all of their different feelings and think about how you can deal with them. It is important to deal with your inner self in order to escape the spiral of self-doubt, self-reproach, anger and grief - whether alone, with friends or with professional support.

Take a closer look at your relationship. What were the motivations for this relationship? Dealing with your feelings and relationship is painful and certainly not easy, but it is part of the process of processing.

Do not retreat

Give yourself time to cry, scream, and be sad, but don't lose yourself in these feelings of being cheated. Your friends like you the way you are and stand by you. You can trust them. So get up, wipe your tears, dress up and get out. A coffee with friends, a movie night with mom or an extensive party night with your loved ones will help you.

Every hour of distraction will do you good. You shouldn't completely suppress your feelings, but you should always take a little time out so that you can look forward step by step. Your friends will be of great help in the fight against self-doubt and self-accusation.

Do something good

Now think only of yourself. What have you always wanted to do? Find a wish or goal that you want to fulfill and tackle it today. If you manage to feel more comfortable on your own, you are well on your way to strengthening and confidently approaching a new relationship.

Think about what you can expect from a partnership now

Finding a new partner is certainly not easy after such an experience, so it is all the more important to be clear about what you expect from a partnership. Making compromises is part of every aspect, but you should be open about your wishes and needs.

If you are looking for a long-term, trusting relationship, make it clear from the beginning. For a partnership that is disturbed by mistrust, is burdened from the outset. Embark confidently and openly on the search and courageously approach a new love.

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