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Still one of the favorite drinks of the Germans, reason enough to look for a few quotes about beer.

Quotes about drinking beer

Quotes about drinking beer
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When brewing beer, water, malt and hops are mixed together and changed biochemically by fermentation by adding yeast. Browse through our collection of the most beautiful quotes and wisdoms about beer: 

  • Clear travel reports make the development of unculture from male singing to male roar palpable. The louder the noise and the worse the air, the clearer the realization that beer is flowing in the struggle for the right to freedom, the time to coined the phrase. Karl Kraus
  • Beer on wine, let it be! Wine on beer, I advise you! German proverb
  • Beer is the most convincing proof that God loves people and wants to see them happy. Benjamin Franklin
  • Beer and schnapps - the drinks of the people who are familiar with fog and rain. Heinrich Heine
  • The beer that is not drunk has just missed its job. Alexander Meyer
  • The petty bourgeois has three real passions: beer, gossip and anti-Semitism. Kurt Tucholsky
  • The Germans are not getting any better abroad than the exported beer. Heinrich Heine
  • The first duty of muse sons is to get used to beer. Wilhelm Busch
  • A sip of water or beer drives out thirst, a piece of bread drives hunger, Christ drives away death. Martin Luther
  • A strong beer, a pickling tobacco and a maid in plaster, that's my taste. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • Nobody lives who is heartless, it just strikes him there and that here; for the benefit of this, that for honor and that for sausage and Bavarian beer! Friedrich Halm
  • In the literary association, I prefer the sausage rolls and the beer! Heinrich Vierordt
  • The more you drink, the more you praise the host and his beer. Jean Paul
  • Don't preach water to those who only want beer. Emil Goett
  • If I drink water, I shut up. If I drink beer, I get lazy. If I drink wine, I get full. I don't know what to drink! Johann Michael Moscherosch
  • The police prohibit selling unripe fruit and sour beer, why not immature books? Rudolf von Jhering
  • Many battles were fought and won by soldiers who fed on beer. Friedrich Wilhelm the Great
  • How much annoying heaviness, lameness, moisture, dressing gown, how much beer is in the German intelligentsia! Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

A song about the hops - by Charles Edouard Duboc

The hop said: I am here on the ground,
Come on, support me, I thank you one day as a beer -
I know you won't bother with any trouble.

I supported him, it said: tie me up,
So that the wind can ripen me calmly;
I know you won't bother with any trouble.

I tied him up; then he called: now it is time
Pick me and whip me on the spreader:
I know you won't bother with any trouble.

I also carried him there; but now
Did it sound again: in the kettle now! he waves!
I know you won't bother with any trouble.

I brewed it; then he asks: now into the barrel,
Into the dark barrel and then into the light glass!
I know you won't bother with any trouble.

And when the glass overflowed,
Then he knocked me over and said:
Egg, egg, you stand loosely on your feet!


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