Gardening in November and December | garden

Gardening work that occurs in November and December? Anyone who thinks that gardeners can relax in November and December is wrong.

Garden in November

Especially in November there is still a lot to do before winter sets in. We explain below which routine work, maintenance and winter protection measures are still pending.

Gardening in November and December
Gardening in November and December

November is the best time to plant berry and fruit trees. As long as the weather allows it and it remains frost-free, you can also plant other trees. Sensitive plants and perennials such as lavender should now be covered with leaves or brushwood or with jute and fleece at the latest.

Be careful when pruning, especially with ornamental grasses. It makes more sense to tie the dry grass together to protect the roots from the cold and wet. Ornamental shrubs and conifers should also be lightly tied together as far as possible. This way, larger masses of snow cannot harm the plants.

Tip: Free plant photos throughout the year

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Job description police | Policemen and women

Dedicated to all the good and hardworking police officers out there! Thank you for everything.

Our “little men” in particular often dream of later becoming a police officer. However, there are also more and more of our “little ladies” who can imagine this profession.

The police, your friend and helper

That's no wonder, because the job of the police officer is basically quite diverse. They don't just drive around in their cool cars and write down parking offenders every now and then. That is certainly one of the easiest tasks that you have to master.

What does a police officer actually do?
What does a police officer actually do? - Picture of Arek socha on Pixabay

Incidentally, the ladies and gentlemen of the police also drive around on motorbikes. In some areas police officers on horses are being used again.

It only gets exciting when you are called to a break-in or a bank robbery. Who knows, they might catch the perpetrator in the act. Even after the villain escapes, finding him can be quite exciting.

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Nice ideas and gifts for children

If you want to make your child happy, you don't always have to resort to the latest trends. It doesn't always have to be the technology-laden toys. Everything that inspires your child's imagination is fun.

Really nice things for your child

As you can see from our focus on coloring pages, we are a fan of classic entertainment programs for children. And the Internet is ideal for browsing for nice game ideas.

Nice gifts and ideas for your child
Nice gifts and ideas for your child - © NDABCREATIVITY / Adobe Stock

Anyone who has a weakness for the typical Scandinavian style that we so appreciate will also find it. Also when it comes to children's room furniture or toys, including dolls.

Ultimately, it depends on the materials: how they feel and whether they have been processed to fit small children's hands. You will find high-quality articles in the Fabelab online shop. Regardless of whether you are looking for furnishing items for the children's room, which are furnished with attention to detail, or toys that make your child shine through the loving and child-friendly design.

The wooden doll's pram, for example, looks very enchanting. With this beautiful model, the doll can be lovingly taken for a walk. But a bassinet also looks very pretty as a decoration and brings warmth and charm to every child's room.

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Baked apples for children with marzipan and raisins

Baked apples have high season for children from autumn onwards. Baked in the oven, they spread a sweet scent throughout the apartment and create a homely atmosphere.

Baked apples for children

A baked apple becomes particularly sweet and tasty for children if you fill it with marzipan and raisins.

Baked apples for children
Baked Apples for Children - Image by rita in on Pixabay

Basically, it's a very simple recipe.

Everyone should pay attention to possible allergies themselves! 

You only need four delicious fried apples for children

  • 125 milliliters of apple juice
  • one hundred grams of marzipan paste
  • three tablespoons chopped almonds
  • a little lemon juice
  • one tablespoon of raisins (which of course you can omit if they do not taste a family member)
  • and of course four apples.

Baked apple for children: this is how it's done!

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Partnership and eroticism

Do you know that too? After a few years, the relationship has "run in" because everyday life often catches up with you and you then have little time for the relationship.

Does love really go through the stomach?

Among the actually many ways to keep a relationship “fresh”, I recently came across a very special one.

Food and erotic
Food and erotic - © Nomad_Soul / Adobe Stock

Well, not quite in my hands, but rather jumped onto the screen. I discovered a book in which you can find recipes that are all made with ingredients that you can use aphrodisiac effect says.

I mean, of course, there are countless cookbooks and of course you will find one or the other dish everywhere that is said to be something special for a nice evening for two.

But this book “Heiße Küche” by Valery Sanders is really tough, because there you will actually only find dishes that can initiate a “nice” evening. "Partnership and Eroticism" read more

Corona, loneliness and let's make the best of it

It is mid-March and politicians decide to make serious cuts in the lives of German citizens. I don't want to presume to judge whether these Corona measures were justified. The conditions were like that and we had to see that we could deal with it.

A little story about Corona

I am someone who tries to make the best of all possible situations. And so, of course, during this time I also thought about how best to deal with these rules.

Make the most of the Corona restrictions
Make the most of the Corona restrictions -
© Alliance / Adobe Stock

I have three children, all of them grown up, all of them no longer at home, all of whom have both feet firmly on the ground. We are a family that likes to see each other, sit together, eat, play, whatever great families do.

Suddenly that was no longer possible. At first it didn't bother me too much because we didn't necessarily see each other once a week, even in "normal" times.

And finally there is also the phone and WhatsApp. But after three or four weeks, as a mother (once a mother, always a mother), I slowly got restless and missed my children.

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