Letter puzzle word grid - word riddle for children

Whatever you call it, whether it's a word grid, a letter puzzle, a letter salad, a search term or a grid of letters: it's always about finding certain terms within the given letters

Letter puzzle - word grid - search puzzle for children

Our letter puzzles are thematically focused on children. The letters puzzles promote the concentration of children when they need to look for concrete words from the set of meaningless letter combinations. In addition, letter lattices promote the ability to speak by assigning specific terms to fixed topics.

Clicking on the link opens the page with the single word puzzle. Have fun dissolving the letter salad:

Letters puzzle

Letter puzzles / word grid fruit

first name

Letter puzzles / word grid weather


Letter puzzles / word grid dogs


Letter puzzles / word grid fruit


Letter puzzles / word grid car brands

car brands



Summer / vacation

Letter riddle / word grid construction site

construction site


Is a letter puzzle missing for a specific topic? Talk to us, We will try to integrate your own topic into a word grid.

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