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One Campfire The evening is wildly romantic and automatically takes us to another time, sometimes even to another world. For children it is pure adventure and the highlight of every successful summer party.

Choose the place for the campfire

But how do I enter Campfire correct? How is it safe? And where is one allowed at all Campfire organize?

Campfire with the family
This is how the campfire succeeds

First, the place for the first Campfire to get voted. Obviously it is absolutely forbidden in the forest. Furthermore, a safety distance of at least one hundred meters must be observed.

Among other things, this is due to the flying sparks of the fire. Forest fires are quickly ignited and cause considerable damage in nature and wildlife.

If you discuss these rules with their children, they will learn the adventure Campfire also important things about fire and fire protection.

Sometimes there are suitable fire places on barbecue areas, otherwise you can also ask the authorities. Maybe you or your friends have a large garden where you can do that Campfire can ignite.

Safety at the campfire

It is very important to enclose the space around the fireplace with non-flammable materials. A stone circle around it and sand as a base are well suited for this purpose.

Also, you should always keep something ready for the emergency, for example a heavy blanket or a fire extinguisher.

Wind and weather can cause sparks as already mentioned above and that Campfire quickly become a danger. If the wind is too strong, you should for safety reasons Campfire rather erase prematurely, even if it spoils the children's mood. Safety first! Especially in dry summers you should do without campfires.

A little hint: Leave a small spot in the enclosure free for the fire to get enough oxygen. This vacancy should always be facing the wind direction.

Ignite the campfire

To the Campfire to ignite, you need, as the name implies, tinder. Tinder is easily flammable material, suitable are dry grasses or birch bark.

Campfire with children
Cooking at the campfire

This igniting agent is deposited in the middle of the fireplace and put a small branch fork into it.

Now you pile up a wooden pyramid of sticks and twigs and put the igniting agent on fire at the end. A bit of blowing and airwaving (do not exaggerate!) lets the fire of the Tinder spread over the branches. The Campfire is kindled!

So that it does not smoke too much, the fire must be able to draw oxygen, so always pay attention to the air supply.

Very important: Before the sociable Campfire Round is resolved, that must Campfire be completely out. Better control multiple times and wait a little longer than risk a fire!

Barbecues around the campfire

One Campfire would only be half as nice if you could not prepare your food over it. Stock bread, grilled potatoes and sausages give rise to wild west feeling and taste good not only for all children, but also for adults.

Best of all - it does not do much work and always goes down well. It will be especially nice after the meal, when you unpack the guitar and sing together! That's fun even for teens!

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Are you missing ideas around the campfire? Talk to us!

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