Important for children - reading books

Children should be introduced to books as early as possible. It starts with the first picture books viewed together and reading aloud.

More children's books for our children

When children come to school and learn to read, reading should be stimulated by reading the right children's books.

children's Books
Children's books - image by Sarah Richter on Pixabay

Modern media such as television, computers, DVDs and more cannot replace reading.

Reading and writing are and will remain indispensably important components of social communication.

Reading also introduces children to the subtleties of their own language and the mastery of linguistic diversity.

First reading books for children

Children's books for small readers can stimulate children's imagination and imagination like no other medium. Through books, children not only learn to read, they also discover new things, and they can let themselves be carried away into mysterious fantasy and fairy tale worlds.

Exciting reading books for children should captivate and inspire children. Then they will open themselves to the world of books all by themselves. It is important that a children's book is always adapted to the age and understanding of the child. "Important for children - reading books" read more

Do you have to have an account for children?

Today, when interest rates have been at historically low levels since the banking and financial crisis from 2007 to 2009, parents are wondering which form of investment they should choose. Long gone are the days when you got four to five percent for savings accounts and the savings increased significantly. Opening a child account makes sense anyway, or because of this situation.

Account for children

After all, it's never too early to learn how to handle money.

Does an Account for Children Really Make Sense?
Already have an account for children? - Picture of Bruno / Germany on Pixabay

The American oil billionaire Jean Paul Getty, who owned what was then the world's largest tanker oil fleet, was easy to talk about. The much-quoted saying “you don't talk about money, you have it” comes from him.

However, this strategy can be devastating for children. When it comes to dealing with money, parents are better off sticking to the motto "What Hans doesn't learn, Hans never learns any more".

With a child account, the offspring learn to deal with money without great risk. Even toddlers deal with the subject in a playful way while playing in the grocery store. "Do you have to have an account for children?" read more

Is children's laughter noise?

Admittedly, children often strain our nerves. It is not uncommon for the noise level to be to blame for the fact that we occasionally drive irritably in between and no longer only recognize sentences such as: "Can't you even rest" from the famous car adverts.

Children's laughter is not noise!

Noise from children can be exhausting, even if it consists of laughter and joy. But what the one just tolerates is already a thorn in the side of the other.

Children's noise - children's laughter is not noise!
Children's noise - children's laughter is not noise! | picture of StockSnap on Pixabay

And what about the dear neighbor? If he has no children, the risk of feeling annoyed by the noise of the children is much higher than if he has children himself. From 2011 onwards, new regulations were introduced when he was allowed to sue and what he had to accept.

Baby crying is not a noise

The good news first. Baby crying does not count as noise nuisance, even if it penetrates the legally stipulated night's sleep from 22 p.m. to XNUMX a.m. "Is children's laughter noise?" read more

Job description police | Policemen and women

Dedicated to all the good and hardworking police officers out there! Thank you for everything.

Our “little men” in particular often dream of later becoming a police officer. However, there are also more and more of our “little ladies” who can imagine this profession.

The police, your friend and helper

That's no wonder, because the job of the police officer is basically quite diverse. They don't just drive around in their cool cars and write down parking offenders every now and then. That is certainly one of the easiest tasks that you have to master.

What does a police officer actually do?
What does a police officer actually do? - Picture of Arek socha on Pixabay

Incidentally, the ladies and gentlemen of the police also drive around on motorbikes. In some areas police officers on horses are being used again.

It only gets exciting when you are called to a break-in or a bank robbery. Who knows, they might catch the perpetrator in the act. Even after the villain escapes, finding him can be quite exciting.

"Police job description | Police officers " read more

Nice ideas and gifts for children

If you want to make your child happy, you don't always have to resort to the latest trends. It doesn't always have to be the technology-laden toys. Everything that inspires your child's imagination is fun.

Really nice things for your child

As you can see from our focus on coloring pages, we are a fan of classic entertainment programs for children. And the Internet is ideal for browsing for nice game ideas.

Nice gifts and ideas for your child
Nice gifts and ideas for your child - © NDABCREATIVITY / Adobe Stock

Anyone who has a weakness for the typical Scandinavian style that we so appreciate will also find it. Also when it comes to children's room furniture or toys, including dolls.

Ultimately, it depends on the materials: how they feel and whether they have been processed to fit small children's hands. You will find high-quality articles in the Fabelab online shop. Regardless of whether you are looking for furnishing items for the children's room, which are furnished with attention to detail, or toys that make your child shine through the loving and child-friendly design.

The wooden doll's pram, for example, looks very enchanting. With this beautiful model, the doll can be lovingly taken for a walk. But a bassinet also looks very pretty as a decoration and brings warmth and charm to every child's room.

"Nice ideas and gifts for children" read more

About kids, TV, streaming, smartphones and lost control

Of course, I can't deny that our TVs were on too much every now and then. You come home stressed out from work and really just want to put your feet up and relax. What's better than a cool movie or series?

TV viewing and the alternatives

When our daughter got to the age where she was no longer in bed at seven, but simply played longer in our living room, we noticed that she was fixating more and more on the television, which of course wasn't so good for us liked.

TV viewing and the alternatives
Watching TV and the Alternatives - Image by René Schindler on Pixabay

We quickly slowed this down by simply not turning on the television when she was still in the room in the evening.

At the same time, we looked for compromise solutions. It was clear to us that we could not completely ban television from their lives.

From elementary school "About children, television, streaming, smartphones and lost control" read more