Zumba at home - fitness sport

Goes well with your resolutions for the new year and goes with the lockdown - Zumba at home. It has been a few years since the mix of Latin American dance steps and aerobics found its way into Germany.

Zumba turns the living room into a dance floor

However, the boom continues unabated and today you can hardly find gyms that do not offer Zumba classes.

Zumba at home
Zumba at home - Image by Yerson Retamal from Pixabay

But not everyone wants or can go to a studio. The solution is simple, because Zumba is also available for the home. No matter whether DVDs with finished programs and choreographies, CDs with the right music or various accessories for special workouts or pages with a suitable streaming offer.

The advantages are obvious: Train when you want and move freely and uninhibitedly. This is definitely an advantage at the beginning, when the hip swing is not nearly the same as that of the trainer.

There are also no recurring costs for a contribution to the gym. Most packages come with a DVD explaining the basics and dancing. Or you just stream it.

So you can first lay the foundation at your own pace. "Zumba at home - fitness sport" read more

The extermination of bookworms in the 21st century

When we deal with the question of when we last held a book and really read it through from beginning to end, some people have to think for a long time.

Is reading uncool?

And then there are the avowed bookworms and bookworms among us, who continuously searched readings from all genres. It's actually a shame that the gap between them is widening and it's no secret that the next generation is more on the side of those who refuse to read. But why actually?

From the extinction of the bookworm
From the extinction of bookworms - Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Reading is no longer one of the top 15 favorite pastimes of Germans

Official figures confirm it - book sales alone in Germany have been falling continuously for years and reading itself is no longer one of the most popular leisure activities of people.

And this is not because there is a lack of good authors or the selection of good readings is too small. No, authors from all over the world go to great lengths every day to bring out exciting fantasy stories, exciting dystopias and modern books for young people. So that cannot be the reason for the lack of interest.

Not even thinking about the fact that there is no alternative to stubborn line-by-line reading, we think of the audio books, which are often released just a few months after a book is published.

Is digitalization to blame for change?

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Fascination with dinosaurs

The fascination of "dinosaurs" is surprisingly great among children. This may be due to the fact that this species has been extinct for millions of years and is therefore not “tangible” for them.

What is so exciting about these primeval monsters?

The kids still come into contact with dinosaurs and some find these "monstrous" animals - such as the T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus rex) - just super exciting.

What is so fascinating about dinosaurs?
What is so fascinating about dinosaurs? Image by Bianca Carretto from Pixabay

Young parents may still remember the cartoons from the series “In a Land Before Time”, in which different species of dinosaurs often had to struggle to survive. There was, for example, the funny main character “Littlefoot”, a Brontosaurus who had a few more adventures with his friends “Ducky” (Saurolophus), “Petrie” (Pteranodon), “Spike” (Stegosaurus) and the slightly bitchy Cera (Triceratops) have denied less successfully. This film series consists of 14 films. In 2007 a 26-part series with the same name came on television, in which the protagonists from the films of the time are now young adults and have to cope with their lives. "Fascination dinosaurs" read more

Important for children - reading books

Children should be introduced to books as early as possible. It starts with the first picture books viewed together and reading aloud.

More children's books for our children

When children come to school and learn to read, reading should be stimulated by reading the right children's books.

children's Books
Children's books - image by Sarah Richter on Pixabay

Modern media such as television, computers, DVDs and more cannot replace reading.

Reading and writing are and will remain indispensably important components of social communication.

Reading also introduces children to the subtleties of their own language and the mastery of linguistic diversity.

First reading books for children

Children's books for small readers can stimulate children's imagination and imagination like no other medium. Through books, children not only learn to read, they also discover new things, and they can let themselves be carried away into mysterious fantasy and fairy tale worlds.

Exciting reading books for children should captivate and inspire children. Then they will open themselves to the world of books all by themselves. It is important that a children's book is always adapted to the age and understanding of the child. "Important for children - reading books" read more

Can you go to the opera with children?

Can you go to the opera with children, and if so, from what age? Parents who are not averse to classical music in particular often ask themselves this question. Regardless of the current corona situation. Because that's how you support the cultural institutions.

Can you go to the opera with children?

When you can go to the opera with a child depends primarily on how long the child can sit still and listen. That is certainly different for every child.

Going to the opera with children
Going to the opera with children - image by OpenClipart-Vectors on Pixabay

Many opera houses or a large number of specialized organizers have children's operas such as Hansel and Gretel by Engelbert Humperdinck in their program, especially in the cooler season and especially at Christmas time.

There are also special family shows. The opera Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is also suitable as an introductory opera for children thanks to the funny Papageno and the sometimes cheerful music. "Can you go to the opera with children?" read more

Climbing parks for children in nature

Climbing, balancing and jumping are natural needs of a child. The child learns movement sequences and trains his coordination skills.

Climbing parks for children

Climbing forests are ideal excursion destinations for the whole family so that children can let off steam and train dexterity and endurance.

Climbing parks for children
Climbing parks for children - picture by Alexandra_Koch on Pixabay

In climbing forests, artificial climbing routes are created in trees. The individual routes (parcours) are connected by different climbing elements and have different degrees of difficulty.

There are high rope courses for advanced skiers. It is important to back up here, otherwise it can be dangerous. All climbing forests and high ropes courses are subject to legal regulations so that safety for young and old is guaranteed. Trained specialists are of course also necessary and are on hand to provide the climbers with advice and assistance. "Climbing parks for children in nature" read more