Boreout - stress caused by boredom

Hours of private surfing on the Internet, online shopping, long private conversations on the phone and with work colleagues or pseudo-meetings with colleagues. What at first glance might sound tempting and like a great day-to-day work, in reality has nothing to do with a fulfilling day-to-day work.

Boreout: Stress caused by boredom

For a freely estimated quarter of all employees, everyday working life is determined by boredom, insufficient demands and disinterest.

Boreout - stress caused by boredom
Boreout - stress caused by boredom - Image by Vendula Kociánová from Pixabay

Doctors speak of the so-called "Boreout Syndrome". A fact that causes numerous problems for the employee and is often quite expensive for the employer.

What is boreout exactly?

Nowadays most people complain of stress and overwhelming work. Many employees are therefore being treated more and more frequently against burnout.

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What vitamins do we need in winter

After the Christmas and New Year's Eve eating orgies, many try to get a grip on healthy eating again. And winter is also the time when many feel tired and drained. Here are a few preventative tips.

Vitamins in winter - what the body needs now and what not!

Indeed, more and more people suffer from depression or burnout in the winter months. But why is it like that? Why do we just not feel as fit in winter as we do in summer and where did the good mood go?

What vitamins in winter
Which vitamins in winter - Image by Lorri Lang from Pixabay

Sure, diet plays an important role, but exercise, fresh air, sunlight and vitamins are also important.

Sun puts you in a good mood!

Unfortunately, it is just not so often seen in winter and often it does not come out for weeks at a time. So it's no wonder that after just a few weeks of winter time, a bad mood is slowly spreading.

Why is that? Because sunlight affects our melatonin and serotonin levels and gets our hormone levels going. While we are often plagued by so-called winter depression in winter, spring seems to bring momentum back into our lives. "Which vitamins do we need in winter" read more

Christmas and Corona

I know, probably nobody can hear it anymore, but unfortunately Corona is on everyone's lips again or again. Especially now that we are close to Christmas time, it may reappear for many. And then we received this text from a reader that we would like to publish unchanged.

Christmas in "strange" times

You are probably wondering how you should do all of this. There are parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, children and maybe even more lovely people with whom you usually spend the party. But it looks like it won't be this year. There will definitely be many sad faces this year.

Christmas and Corona
picture of Christo Anestev on Pixabay

I too was wondering how it should go this year. After all, we are ten people. Our children are all grown up and have their own household, which is five households. Then there is my mother-in-law, the sixth household.

So it will have to be a bit different this year. We spent a long time worrying about what we were doing so that we could make it a bit Christmassy despite this difficult time and not have to mop up the rest of the year.

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Give medicine to children | health

Mary Poppins already knew that "with a spoonful of sugar" every medicine is easier to swallow. And what was current in the days of Mary Poppins has not changed to this day, at least in terms of “bitter medicine”.

Medicine in children

The child is sick, maybe has a very stupid cough and the doctor has a certain one Cough Syrup prescribed. The problem with such a cough syrup prescribed by a doctor is usually that it doesn't taste good at all.

Giving medicine to children
Administering Medicine to Children - Image by press 👍 and ⭐ on Pixabay

It is said that bitter medicine is supposed to help. The sick person may not care much about that, because they don't want to swallow the juice because it tastes disgusting.

And even if today we are always and everywhere suggested that sugar is something really bad and should be banned from our lives, this little spoonful of sugar helps to swallow this bitter-tasting cough syrup.

You just take a level teaspoon of sugar and let the disgusting-tasting juice drip onto it. Due to the sweetness of the sugar, the bitter taste is largely neutralized and the child will swallow the healing medicine. "Give medicine to children | Health" read more

Delicious children's mulled wine for cold days

Children's mulled wine is just the thing for cold days. Whether after a walk in the forest or a sleigh ride - children's mulled wine warms up all cold-numbed limbs, tastes delicious and is easy to take with you in a thermos flask.

Children's mulled wine made from grape juice and orange juice

But how is the children's mulled wine really delicious? There are really plenty of recipes. Of course, there isn't one recipe that everyone likes, and every child has their own preferences. But the mix of the following ingredients is very popular.

Children's mulled wine for cold days
Children's mulled wine for cold days - picture by Bruno / Germany on Pixabay

Almost everyone knows the recipe with apple juice, sugar and cinnamon sticks. A completely different mixture, which is in no way inferior to the classic, is the combination of grape and orange.

For eight children you need about one liter of grape juice, one liter of orange juice and half a liter of strong fruit tea as you like (blueberries are particularly delicious for child-friendly mulled wine, or a fruit mix). Use sugar sparingly. "Delicious children's mulled wine for cold days" read more

Corona, loneliness and let's make the best of it

It is mid-March and politicians decide to make serious cuts in the lives of German citizens. I don't want to presume to judge whether these Corona measures were justified. The conditions were like that and we had to see that we could deal with it.

A little story about Corona

I am someone who tries to make the best of all possible situations. And so, of course, during this time I also thought about how best to deal with these rules.

Make the most of the Corona restrictions
Make the most of the Corona restrictions -
© Alliance / Adobe Stock

I have three children, all of them grown up, all of them no longer at home, all of whom have both feet firmly on the ground. We are a family that likes to see each other, sit together, eat, play, whatever great families do.

Suddenly that was no longer possible. At first it didn't bother me too much because we didn't necessarily see each other once a week, even in "normal" times.

And finally there is also the phone and WhatsApp. But after three or four weeks, as a mother (once a mother, always a mother), I slowly got restless and missed my children.

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