Delicious children's mulled wine for cold days

Children's mulled wine is just the thing for cold days. Whether after a walk in the forest or a sleigh ride - children's mulled wine warms up all cold-numbed limbs, tastes delicious and is easy to take with you in a thermos flask.

Children's mulled wine made from grape juice and orange juice

But how is the children's mulled wine really delicious? There are really plenty of recipes. Of course, there isn't one recipe that everyone likes, and every child has their own preferences. But the mix of the following ingredients is very popular.

Children's mulled wine for cold days
Children's mulled wine for cold days - picture by Bruno / Germany on Pixabay

Almost everyone knows the recipe with apple juice, sugar and cinnamon sticks. A completely different mixture, which is in no way inferior to the classic, is the combination of grape and orange.

For eight children you need about one liter of grape juice, one liter of orange juice and half a liter of strong fruit tea as you like (blueberries are particularly delicious for child-friendly mulled wine, or a fruit mix). Use sugar sparingly. "Delicious children's mulled wine for cold days" read more

Corona, loneliness and let's make the best of it

It is mid-March and politicians decide to make serious cuts in the lives of German citizens. I don't want to presume to judge whether these Corona measures were justified. The conditions were like that and we had to see that we could deal with it.

A little story about Corona

I am someone who tries to make the best of all possible situations. And so, of course, during this time I also thought about how best to deal with these rules.

Make the most of the Corona restrictions
Make the most of the Corona restrictions -
© Alliance / Adobe Stock

I have three children, all of them grown up, all of them no longer at home, all of whom have both feet firmly on the ground. We are a family that likes to see each other, sit together, eat, play, whatever great families do.

Suddenly that was no longer possible. At first it didn't bother me too much because we didn't necessarily see each other once a week, even in "normal" times.

And finally there is also the phone and WhatsApp. But after three or four weeks, as a mother (once a mother, always a mother), I slowly got restless and missed my children.

So what did I do? "Corona, loneliness and let's make the best of it" read more

Hand-eye coordination - what is it actually

Parents encounter hand-eye coordination again and again. Be it on educationally valuable games (here it often says: promotes hand-eye coordination) or in the field of occupational therapy in the context of an abnormality in the child.

A brief explanation: hand-eye coordination

Eye-hand coordination - image by rita in on Pixabay

But at least they know what exactly is behind it. The eye-hand coordination belongs to the field of visuomotor skills. This is the coordination of a visual (visible) perception and the body itself. The visuomotor function is to be understood as a task of the brain that takes place unconsciously.

An example of hand-eye coordination "Eye-hand coordination - what is it actually" read more

Cooking with wildflowers - don't start too early

Cooking with wildflowers sounds like adventure and tastes colorful on the tongue. Dandelions on your plate? Daisies in the Salad? Where do you get that? Best in the children's kitchen!

Do not start cooking with wildflowers too soon

Because wildflowers are not only tasty, they also look beautiful on the plate and, as is well known, the eye is with it. They are also healthy and just spice up any meal.

Cooking with Wildflowers - Image by Jill wellington on Pixabay

But which flowers are edible and how can I prevent my child from thinking that it could just put all the beautiful flowers of forest, field and meadow into my mouth? At the latest with the thimble this is life-threatening!

In order for the above problem when cooking with wildflowers not really to be a danger, your child should have a certain age before they start to cook in the kitchen with wildflowers. It should be known that some flowers are edible and some are highly toxic. "Cooking with wildflowers - don't start too early" read more

Snacking on sweets for children

Children love sweets. It's as sure as the amen in church. And unlike in the past, they seem to have access to the little sweets everywhere.

Allow children to snack on sweets?

Sweet snacking - Image by Beth thomas on Pixabay

It starts at children's eye level at the supermarket checkout and continues on children's birthday parties with chocolate cake, cream puffs and smarties.

Although we are all now cleared up about how much sugar is in the body, being overweight is a problem of our generation, which continues in our children.

It is not for nothing that voices are being raised that the generation of current kindergarten children would die earlier than the generation of their parents due to poor nutrition.

And that at a time when, on the other hand, millions of people are starving and dying of malnutrition. "Snacking on sweets for children" read more

Children and the fear of syringes

Many people are very scared of getting an injection. This fear is very widespread, especially among young children, so that a visit to the family doctor can be a very stressful day for the parents if the offspring struggles with hands and feet against receiving the injection.

The fear of an injection

Afraid of the syringe - picture by Angelo Esslinger on Pixabay

For many children, syringes are a real nightmare, which is why in some cases it is anything but easy to calm the child down when he is sitting in the doctor's office and is about to have an injection. It is often extremely helpful if the doctor is good with children and knows exactly how to calm the child down.

Many doctors try to distract patients a little when they are supposed to have an injection, because doctors are of course aware that many people, and especially children, fear injections. "Children and the fear of injections" read more