So the good intentions are not just intentions!

The first 10 days of this year are over, the Christmas tree has been dismantled, presents have been exchanged and good resolutions have been forgotten - this is how the new year can begin.

So the good intentions are not just intentions!

But wait a minute! What about our good resolutions, our plans for the new year? Why are they forgotten again and swept under the carpet?

How the good intentions are also implemented
How the good intentions can be implemented - Image by Fee73 on Pixabay

Surely they weren't that wrong! We have put together a few tips for you so that the good intentions can still be implemented.

The classics among the resolutions

For the next year I want to eat healthier, exercise more and eat less sweets.

Also, I will stop smoking from January XNUMXst and plan to redesign the house. Incidentally, I'll finally implement all of my new projects that I actually wanted to do years ago, I need a new job, I definitely want to have more time for the family.

Oh yes, and from January onwards, savings will be made and not so much money will be spent on unnecessary things ... Did that sound like your good intentions for the new year? "So the good intentions are not just resolutions!" read more

Partnership and eroticism

Do you know that too? After a few years, the relationship has "run in" because everyday life often catches up with you and you then have little time for the relationship.

Does love really go through the stomach?

Among the actually many ways to keep a relationship “fresh”, I recently came across a very special one.

Food and erotic
Food and erotic - © Nomad_Soul / Adobe Stock

Well, not quite in my hands, but rather jumped onto the screen. I discovered a book in which you can find recipes that are all made with ingredients that you can use aphrodisiac effect says.

I mean, of course, there are countless cookbooks and of course you will find one or the other dish everywhere that is said to be something special for a nice evening for two.

But this book “Heiße Küche” by Valery Sanders is really tough, because there you will actually only find dishes that can initiate a “nice” evening. "Partnership and Eroticism" read more

Textile blindness - I have nothing to wear

“I have nothing to wear again!” Who doesn't know this sentence for sure or from the mouth of his wife, who stands in front of her full wardrobe like every day and doesn't know what to wear?

Textile blindness - every blouse counts! - It's hard to choose

“Good morning!” The radio sounds. “Today will be a sunny day. The birds are singing. It is shortly before 07.00:XNUMX am and some early risers are already rushing to work. "Still totally sleepy, SHE stands there in front of her wardrobe and doesn't know what to wear:

I have nothing to wear - picture by JamesDeMers on Pixabay

One of many women in this world who has so much to wear in her closet that she no longer knows what to wear.

Today of all days on this important day, when the head of department will also ask her to give a speech in front of the assembled employees, she has not found the right one. She thinks about various combinations.

Blouses and trousers are torn from the hanger and tried on. Time is running out and she still hasn't found anything that she would like for this important day. In the end it becomes the usual green sweater and the often worn brown skirt. Who doesn't that seem familiar?
"Textile blindness - I have nothing to wear" read more

Long-distance relationship: love with a practical test

It is not uncommon for the partner search - especially when searching for a partner via the Internet or dating agencies - to end in a long-distance relationship, at least for the beginning of being together.

Long distance relationship: a love with advantages and disadvantages

The fact that the Internet offers significantly more opportunities to get to know a partner than the village pub can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.

Long Distance Relationship - Image by Free-Photos on Pixabay

Advantage 1: Plenty of time to cultivate friendships

In a long distance relationship, you usually only see each other every or every other weekend, sometimes even less often. So you are on the go during the week without your partner. While in a fresh relationship you tend to neglect friendships for the time being, in a long-distance relationship you will often intensify them to compensate for the lack of a partner. "Long-distance relationship: love with a practical test" read more

Time for two - parents but also partners

It doesn't always have to be the television and the fight over the programs that determine the evening. There are great things that you can do together after a long day at work. Excitement or relaxation, the facets of leisure activities in the evening, on weekends and on public holidays are varied, stimulating and weld together.

Culinary delights at home

Do you feel like eating, but not cooking yourself, serving a pizza and going out to eat? A rental cook helps. A rental chef conjures up a multi-course menu in the home kitchen. You discuss with him the desired dishes, starters, main courses and desserts and a suitable date.

Time for Two - Image by Werner Heiber on Pixabay

The rental chef buys everything and also brings his utensils with him if they are not available in the household. He prepares the dishes in the kitchen and serves them in style at the nicely laid table that he has prepared. The rental chef removes the empty plates after the courses, refills wine or other drinks and also tidies the kitchen again. It disappears without a trace after the work is done. "Time for two - parents but also partners" read more