Coloring page tools

In each household fall repeatedly smaller or larger work, which can be done with little effort itself. For example, screwing together a new shoe shelf or hanging lamps and pictures. In order to save costs for the craftsman, it is very advantageous if a well-stocked tool box with a certain basic set of tools is available in your own household.

Coloring page tool

That is why it is important for children - boys and girls - to learn tools early on. Reason enough for us to include the tools category in our coloring pages. Browse tool coloring pages in our free collection. Clicking on the link opens the respective page with the tool Coloring Template.

Boring machine



Screwdriver wrench pliers


Hammer / claw hammer

Screwdrivers & screws


spirit level

tape measure


Please contact usif you are looking for a very special coloring picture with a very special motive. We are also happy to create your own personal coloring sheet according to your specifications from a photo.

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