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Antonia and Leonard (aka "Toni" and "Leo") are the main characters in this time travel comics for coloring. Toni and Leo are two teenagers who one day find a strange ring. And so you become the protagonists of our series of Comics for coloring.

Toni & Leo and the magic ring - comics to color in

Through a wrong word at the wrong moment, they find out that this ring is full of magic. Because the ring found on a meadow enables the two youngsters to travel through space and time.

Both teenagers suddenly experience exciting adventures and witness significant historical events. Excitement and excitement are guaranteed and combined with historical knowledge. And time travel is not safe either! The time travel comics are also suitable for coloring.

The characters

Clicking on the link opens the drawing in large format:

Antonia - time travel comics for coloring
Antonia - time travel comics for coloring

Antonia is Leonard's best friend. However, everyone only calls her Toni, which sometimes leads to confusion. Many think Toni is a boy.

Her favorite subject is math. But otherwise, Toni is a normal teenager who likes to go out with her friends and dance passionately.

Antonia for coloring

Time travel comics for coloring
Leonard - time travel comic

Leonard is only called Leo by everyone. He is mostly wild as a lion but sometimes a little in love with Antonia. But he doesn't dare to tell her. At least not at the beginning ...

His favorite subjects are sports and history and he is a total movie freak.

Leonard for coloring

Time travel comics…. in English

Due to our international audience, we publish the comic series in English. Clicking on a link opens the page with the respective time travel episode:

Comic journey through time

You just want to chill a little after school and then everything turns out differently than expected. One wrong word and the adventure begins:

Episode 1 - The Ring

The first adventure went well again. Is something going wrong again this time when our friends travel back in time?

Episode 2 - Meeting Leonardo da Vinci

Racism all over the world. Can our two friends be inspired by Martin Luther King's speech?

Episode 3 - The speech of Martin Luther King

Toni and Leo read about the inventor of the first self-calculating computer. And go on a journey. The end is a bit surprising for both of them ...

Episode 4 - The first computer 

Time travel comic for coloring
Time travel comic for coloring

Toni and Leo discussed Brexit in class at school. And then quickly became curious about what it was like when the United States went from England to independence:

Episode 5 - Independence Day 

Time travel with Toni and Leo - visit to Marilyn MonroeAfter the two friends are officially a couple, Toni confessed to her boyfriend that she really wants to meet Marily Monroe. Quickly choose the right clothing and the new journey through time can begin:

Episode 6 - Marilyn Monroe


Please let us know how you like the Comics Coloring Series. Do you have any other ideas about the events our young time travelers could travel to? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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