Time travel comic episode 2 - Leonardo da Vinci

Antonia is Leonard's best friend. But everyone only calls her Toni, which sometimes leads to confusion, because many think Toni is a boy. Her favorite subject is math. Otherwise, Toni is a completely normal young person who likes to go out with her friends and dance passionately.

Leonard is only called Leo by everyone. He is mostly wild as a lion but sometimes a little in love with Antonia. But he doesn't dare to tell her. His favorite subjects are sports and history, and he's a total film freak.

And one day Antonia and Leonard (aka "Toni" and "Leo") find a strange ring.

Time travel comic part 2 - Meeting Leonardo

Toni and Leo have discovered that the magic ring allows travel through space and time. And that's very tempting for curious teenagers, of course. Let's go to the second adventure:


After the Mona Lisa was discussed in art class at school, the two youngsters want to find out who the Mona Lisa really was. And so the two discover another problem with time travel.

Episode 2 - Da Vinci 



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