LGBT Pride - Coming Out

Outering one's own family is a heavy but enormously important step in unlocking the well-kept secret of homosexual youth.

LGBTQ support

A coming out is a special topic for young people and adults, because parents and sometimes also the circle of friends repeatedly react shocked to the homosexuality and understand it very difficult.

Even in today's open-minded society, homosexuality still poses some problems.

Family, school, literature, politics and church continue to shape the heterosexual relationship pattern. A rethinking is therefore difficult.

Mothers can usually empathize with the new situation faster, fathers have much more difficulty getting used to the new situation.

Of course our templates can not help much there and we do not want to score, but with Hetty and Henry we want to give the subject a relaxed and tolerant environment.

Coloring pages LGBT

The term LGBT serves as a substitute for the negative concept of homosexuality and is an English-derived abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender).

By clicking on the image, the page with the respective coloring page opens:


Hetty with rainbow

Hetty loves all people Click picture to enlarge


Henry with rainbow

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What, YOU are gay?

Lost my rainbow

Colored templates LGBT ready to print

The following templates open directly in large format and, provided you do not make any changes, may be used for your purposes. If necessary, please contact us. Clicking on an image opens the respective template in large format:

Coming OutComing Out
Coming OutC


Feel free to contact us if you need further templates in another language.

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