Unless otherwise stated, the coloring pages published on the pages of were made especially for us by various artists, converted by us from the image format into printable pdf templates for printing and prepared for downloading / printing.

Terms & Conditions

You are allowed to use the coloring pages published on our website use freely for private purposes, provided that the coloring pages remain unchanged (including our Internet address) and no income is generated from their use.

The commercial use and private use against payment, which is commercial or private republication - in particular additional publication on the Internet - and distribution against payment not permitted without our consent.

If you want to use coloring templates for events or implement our templates in your own works, please use the following form to send us an inquiry stating the intended use. We have almost all of the templates shown in significantly higher resolution and are also available without our website and will be happy to provide them to you on request.

Erweiterte Nutzungsbedingungen für Lehrerinnen / Lehrer | kiderbetreuung

Teachers and supervisors in kindergartens or other adequate institutions can use all templates for school lessons or childcare or distribute them as tasks for "homeschooling", provided the internet link remains on the templates. We see this as free advertising for our site. If you are missing motives or materials for class or homework, please do not hesitate to contact us. Maybe we can create individual and needs-based templates.

Keine Verwendung für Malbücher

Since we receive this request several times a week: no, we generally do not agree to the use of our coloring pages in Amazon or other coloring books. We don't offer the coloring pages here for free so that third parties can earn money with them elsewhere. If interested, we would publish it there ourselves.


Do you have questions, suggestions or criticism? Gladly send it to me, either via the contact form or as a comment below.

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