Corona, loneliness and let's make the best of it

It is mid-March and politicians decide to make serious cuts in the lives of German citizens. I don't want to presume to judge whether these Corona measures were justified. The conditions were like that and we had to see that we could deal with it.

A little story about Corona

I am someone who tries to make the best of all possible situations. And so, of course, during this time I also thought about how best to deal with these rules.

Make the most of the Corona restrictions
Make the most of the Corona restrictions -
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I have three children, all of them grown up, all of them no longer at home, all of whom have both feet firmly on the ground. We are a family that likes to see each other, sit together, eat, play, whatever great families do.

Suddenly that was no longer possible. At first it didn't bother me too much because we didn't necessarily see each other once a week, even in "normal" times.

And finally there is also the phone and WhatsApp. But after three or four weeks, as a mother (once a mother, always a mother), I slowly got restless and missed my children.

So what did I do?

I arranged to meet the kids individually. On a Saturday when the weather was excellent to be outside, I started a tour.

I met with each child for three hours. Before that, I would stand at home and place sandwiches, bake a small cake and make meatballs and potato salad.

I met for breakfast with the first child. We sat on a blanket in the park in front of her house and ate the rolls. Of course we chatted and laughed a lot.

Then I went on to the second child. There is a small area in front of the door with fixed tables and chairs. The child made coffee and brought cups. We then sat there for a good three hours with coffee and cake.

In the afternoon I drove back home and met the third child in the neighboring village. We ate the meatballs and the potato salad. We laughed a lot and enjoyed the time.

I was back home around 18:00 p.m. and was a happy mom because I knew that all children were fine.

Why am I telling this? Well, we are certainly currently living in a time that is really anything but easy and yet you can always create beautiful moments that you can look forward to, that give you the strength to continue. Despite Corona and a mask requirement.

By the way, all the children called on the same evening and thanked them again very much for this great idea.


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