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School knowledge and general knowledge are such a thing. Sometimes you get asked really simple questions and then embarrassingly don't know the answer. And the question "What are the 16 federal states of Germany and their capitals called" is one of these classics. Then there is the question of the capitals of the federal states. And even in some naturalization tests, this information is queried and you don't know it yourself. What is the capital of Hesse called again? No, Frankfurt is not the capital of Hesse.

What are the 16 states of Germany and their capitals

Here is the answer because of the federal states: the Federal Republic of Germany is divided into 16 federal states with the respective capitals:

  1. Baden-Württemberg - capital Stuttgart
  2. Bavaria - capital Munich
  3. Berlin - capital Berlin
  4. Brandenburg - capital Potsdam
  5. Bremen - capital Bremen
  6. Hamburg - capital Hamburg
  7. Hesse - capital Wiesbaden
  8. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - capital Schwerin
  9. Lower Saxony - capital Hannover
  10. North Rhine-Westphalia - capital Dusseldorf
  11. Rhineland-Palatinate - capital Mainz
  12. Saarland - capital of Saarbrücken
  13. Saxony - capital Dresden
  14. Saxony-Anhalt - capital Magdeburg
  15. Schleswig-Holstein - capital Kiel
  16. Thuringia - capital of Erfurt

Map 16 Federal States Germany and capitals

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16 states of Germany
List of 16 states of Germany and their capitals - Click to enlarge © pico - Fotolia.de

Neighboring countries Germany?

There are nine countries bordering Germany. The following neighboring countries border Germany:

  • Denmark borders Germany to the north
  • in the east of Poland and the Czech Republic
  • in the south of Switzerland and Austria
  • Germany's western neighbors are Luxembourg, France, the Netherlands and Belgium

Additional information about the German federal states


Since 1990 Germany has been reunited from the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and the German Democratic Republic (GDR). As of this year is the new one National Day (German Unity Day) no longer June 17th but October 3rd.

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