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The moment you enter a new apartment or a new house that you want to rent or buy, you should skip the so-called spark. When you look closer and look at the premises, the feeling should be very strong that you can see yourself in the rooms. Your intuition already decides whether you can feel comfortable in these rooms.

Feel at home at home

It all looks so good, everything sounds so good: a large living room, a cozy fireplace, a beautiful garden, a great modern kitchen - a dream seems to come true! But that something is missing, you will notice after a short time.

Creative decorating tips
Creative interior design ideas are often just small details

There is no retreat, no room to go where you can be undisturbed.

It does not feel good and right anymore. Not even the fireplace can warm, it's always cold. What happened? They try to figure out what went wrong, but they can not find an answer. Only the feeling tells you: Here I am not at home! But what does "being at home" actually mean? What makes an apartment so that you can say: I can feel good in my home!

The first thing you should realize is that a home has nothing to do with a large living room and a garden, not even with a fireplace or a high-tech kitchen.

The home can only be the place where we feel 100% comfortable, deeply relaxed and one with the people and the place where we are.

Each person, one more the other less, seeks in his own home security and security, protection and warmth. The need is firmly anchored in every human being.

No more constantly being on guard, turning off the internal alarm system, settling down, that means being at home.

A study has shown that most people feel comfortable in square rooms with niches. The disorder is also part of it. This is not the dirty dishes meant that piled on the Spüli for days. No, it means photos hanging on the walls, the cream and shampoo bottles on the cabinet in the bathroom and the spice rack in the kitchen.

A real home is an apartment that shows that people live in it. Even the first moment you enter the new apartment or the new house will react to your autonomic nervous system. You will instinctively feel, if you can feel comfortable in this new home.

Tips for more storage space

Every inch is important in a small apartment and you can not give away space. Those who have little space at their disposal will quickly sink into chaos. The shoes are piled up in the hallway, the jackets block the way, and pockets lying around make the occupants stumble quickly. Also in the kitchen the work surface is occupied with unbelievably many things. We have found the best tips for more storage space for you.

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Find your own style while furnishing your apartment

Especially in small apartments, things lying around look like a junk room and a lot of confusion. A closet in the hall, which offers plenty of storage space, can quickly remedy. It is ideal for bedding, towels, bags and even for the vacuum cleaner.

In a small apartment you should deal with decorations very sparingly, because otherwise the room seems overcrowded again.

The more little things and decorative items are or are, the more restless and unaufgeräumter affects the living space.

If you want to create storage space in the kitchen, fill the gaps between the wall units and the ceiling with cupboards. There, however, only things should be stored that are not needed every day, because these can only be reached with a stool or a ladder. Also hanging baskets for example spices are ideal space savers. If you also want to eat in the kitchen, then you should opt for a wall table. You can only use it when needed. Even a longer work surface, which can be quickly used as a high table with stools, is ideal for a small kitchen.

A good tip to create storage space can be through a loft bed. The space under the loft bed can be equipped for a desk, a sofa or with cupboards

The space under a staircase is used meaningfully in very few households. Especially there it makes sense to use the room with matching cabinets or shelves.

If you have wall slopes in the apartment, then get advice in a good furniture store. The cabinets can be side by side, bigger or smaller, offer a lot of space and look very good. Even if the purchase costs a little more, it will definitely help you to create more space.

You can save a whole room if you use functional furniture. Instead of buying a huge bed, choose a sofa bed and look for drawers under the furniture. In a small apartment you should do without large plants, even small flowers look beautiful.

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