The extermination of bookworms in the 21st century

When we deal with the question of when we last held a book and really read it through from beginning to end, some people have to think for a long time.

Is reading uncool?

And then there are the avowed bookworms and bookworms among us, who continuously searched readings from all genres. It's actually a shame that the gap between them is widening and it's no secret that the next generation is more on the side of those who refuse to read. But why actually?

From the extinction of the bookworm
From the extinction of bookworms - Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Reading is no longer one of the top 15 favorite pastimes of Germans

Official figures confirm it - book sales alone in Germany have been falling continuously for years and reading itself is no longer one of the most popular leisure activities of people.

And this is not because there is a lack of good authors or the selection of good readings is too small. No, authors from all over the world go to great lengths every day to bring out exciting fantasy stories, exciting dystopias and modern books for young people. So that cannot be the reason for the lack of interest.

Not even thinking about the fact that there is no alternative to stubborn line-by-line reading, we think of the audio books, which are often released just a few months after a book is published.

Is digitalization to blame for change?

If we ask young people, we very often get the answer: “I don't have time to read!” And that could actually correspond to reality, even if the key here would probably lie in setting priorities.

But young people in particular no longer grow up with a book in hand; rather, most of them spend their time talking on the phone, playing games on smartphones, surfing the net and on social media. And then there would be school, maybe sports and family - where is there still room for reading?

A second, quite understandable argument is: “I have no money for books!” Yes, if you read a lot, you have to spend money on it and with a view to the fringe group of bookworms, you can already pursue a medium-expensive hobby.

Admittedly, the latest bestsellers by popular authors are now being sold for up to 30 euros, on average around 14-15 euros. With only 3 books a month, everyone can work out for themselves what the book consumption can actually cost.

No wonder, then, that a well-known UK survey found that reading behavior is based on income. For example, multimillionaire Bill Gates said he read a little over 50 books a year and Mark Zuckerberg said he read two books a month.

In households with low incomes, electronic media were preferred and more television was watched than occupied with a book. And then there are the different levels of education.

Depending on the level of education, appropriate views are passed on to the children. Those who cannot read well cannot support their offspring either. So you are not given the opportunity to be interested in books. In contrast, children from wealthy and educated families are encouraged to read more and the use of books is encouraged.

And then there is digitization, which actually only provides one thing in relation to reading: distraction! After all, we are now used to receiving information, news and stories quickly.

We no longer have to scroll through 400 pages of books to understand something. We get it in short form on a silver platter. All messages, news and information are prepared in such a way that we know what we wanted to know after just a short blog article of 500 words.

No question about it, today's generation is simply no longer ready to take on the effort of reading. Yes, she's gotten pretty lazy about that.

Good reasons for reading

We now know all the excuses that keep us from reading. And yes, they're just excuses. Because we don't have to be millionaires to be able to afford to read. After all, pretty much everyone has the opportunity to get a free ID card at the nearest library.

In addition, thanks to platforms such as Rebuy or E-Bay, we always have the option of buying used books for far less. And as far as the user behavior of modern media is concerned, we could just grab our noses and change something. But what for? And does reading really bring me so much?

The lack of reading behavior of our children can become a problem in the future. The number of illiterate people is increasing, the students' ability to express themselves is declining, more and more children are writing poor grades in German, are not proficient in spelling and grammar and are otherwise no longer learning to concentrate on a topic for a long time. There is a lack of expressiveness and eloquence; instead, nonsensical youthful and unsound words are imprinted in the memories of the kids.

Reading books can give you so much and help in all of these points:

Reading is like traveling to another world. It is true that anyone who reads cannot compare this to watching a 1,5-hour film. Reading creates your own images in your head, stimulates the imagination and imagination and creates a world in which you can immerse yourself deeply. From this the fun of reading develops, because it is like diving into your own personal favorite series with every page.

Reading promotes concentration, has a relaxing effect and helps you fall asleep. Anyone who reads has to concentrate on what has been read in order to understand the content. And this over a longer period of time. This can be of great advantage, especially for children, as they have to concentrate longer in school. That too has to be learned. And while the overstimulation on Facebook and Co. is actually only upsetting and stressful, reading automatically ensures peace and relaxation. Therefore, it makes far more sense to pick up a good book before falling asleep rather than indulging in your Netflix addiction.

Reading educates, but it's not the first time we've heard that. But it is true anyway, because whoever reads, broadens his horizons. And not only in the linguistic area or in matters of grammar and spelling, but also in the area of ​​opinion formation, understanding and world view. Anyone who reads thinks about it, creates a new basis for discussion and develops his personality further. And it doesn't even matter what exactly we read.

So it is worthwhile to deal with the subject of reading once more. And for all bookworms out there: keep it up, you're great!

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  1. It's a shame that reading has gone out of style. But I think that is primarily a matter of the parents' house, if there is no reading to you in your childhood, then you miss the good memories and the “trips” you went on with your children's books.

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