Choosing the right school

Making the right choice of school for your child is difficult for many parents. On the other hand, many secondary and secondary schools have a bad reputation. To make matters worse, the fact that the level of achievement and ten-year learning is not necessarily meaningful for years to come.

Which type of school is right for your child?

In adolescence, many young people find it very difficult to meet school performance requirements - even those who were diligent and ambitious in primary school. However, as a parent you have to make a decision. In the following you will find a summary of the individual school types and an explanation of the criteria that you should consider when considering.

Choosing the right school
Choosing the right school - Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

- High schools are particularly suitable for children who learn quickly and easily, can process new information quickly and are motivated to internalize school contents.

High school students are expected to be able to organize themselves well and to contribute through qualified contributions. The grade point average on the fourth grade semi-annual report should not be worse than 2,0 if you are considering going to high school for your child. In some federal states, it is now offered that high school students receive their Abitur after 12 years. However, this means that even sixth graders have to go to school in the afternoon. The so-called G8 also affects the amount of homework.

- At a secondary school, your child can go to the 10. Class received a middle school connection. Then there is the opportunity to complete a teaching or training or alternatively to attend the gymnasiale Oberstufe. If you are not sure if you want to expose your child to the pressure of performance at a high school, then secondary school may be the better choice for your child.
Already from the 8. In class, the students have to complete internships there and thus have the opportunity to orient themselves with regard to their future careers. If your child suffers from a reading-spelling weakness or dyscalculia, this disadvantage can usually be absorbed at a secondary school.

- Secondary school is not equal to secondary school. If your child is having a hard time learning and needs a lot of support, it's a good place for a good high school. Take advantage of open house days to take a closer look at different schools and especially their concepts. Many main schools offer all-day offers, homework help and special counseling services for children and parents. Even project work in the social field is common in many schools. Above all, good cooperation and communication between students, teachers and parents is important.

- If you want to keep all chances for your child, register at a comprehensive school. The places are sought after, because the students can reach all degrees. Depending on your performance, your child will be divided into homogeneous study groups in the main subjects and will be able to work on the substance at his own pace. So no child is left behind and does not run the risk of having to leave school because of inadequate performance.

- If your child has a diagnosed learning disability or a disability that affects his or her school performance, a visit to a special school is definitely an option. However, more and more schools are focusing on inclusion in their school profile. This way, all children can learn together regardless of their talents or physical requirements. However, there is no entitlement to such a school place. Other schools with a special school profile are Montessori or Waldorf schools.

As a general rule, you should consider the advice of primary school teachers as well as the wishes of your child when deciding on the choice of school. If your son or daughter receives a recommendation for junior high school, you may nevertheless register your child at a grammar school. In most federal states, however, a test or lesson must first be taken for the exam. The decision whether your child is admitted, however, lies with the respective school management.

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