Play indoors - simple game ideas for in the apartment

Huh? Like now, play inside. After the summer months it seems somehow strange, but like every year the time will come when the children (want to) no longer play outside

Game ideas for indoors

Muffin eating contest

picture of Prashant Sharma on Pixabay

You need:

  • Hat, scarf, gloves (mittens)
  • 1 dice
  • 1 muffin per child
  • Knife and fork for every child

This game calls for speed and skill and is sure to get some laughs.

All the children sit down at the table and are given a muffin with cutlery in front of them, and we put hat, scarf and gloves in the middle of the table. Then the dice are first rolled in turn. The child who rolls a 6 first quickly puts on a hat, scarf and gloves and then has to eat his muffin with a knife and fork. The others continue to roll the dice, because when a 6 is rolled again, it is the next person's turn and quickly gets the winter clothes from the last eater, who now has to take a break.

Whoever was able to eat his muffin first under these difficult circumstances is the winner!

Presents Spin the Bottle

So that handing over the presents at a birthday party is really fun, we turn it into a spin the bottle game.

All the children sit in a circle on the floor, the presents come on the table. The birthday child is allowed to start turning the bottle. The child pointed to by the bottle can choose a present from the table, just not his own, and give it to the birthday child. The host unwraps his present and then has to guess who the present might be from. If the guess is correct, the last gift seeker may turn the bottle.

Taste what!

You need:

  • Various foods and drinks
  • A scarf to blindfold

This is a game that children will include in their stories for a long time. The parents prepare a few bowls and glasses with food and drinks beforehand. These can be of completely different types, e.g. B. pineapple, corn, mustard, cocoa powder, ketchup, liver sausage, Fanta, orange juice, beetroot juice and so on, there are no limits to the imagination.

The children are blindfolded one after the other and are presented with 3 or 4 things that they have to "taste". The other children, who are not there at the moment, are allowed to watch and possibly also lure the counselor on the right or wrong track with shouts like "iiiiiihhhhh" or "hmmmm delicious". Whoever has guessed the most things is the winner!

silent post

Ancient but still one of the most popular games is the silent mail. Since it should be known to most, it is also quickly explained. All the children sit down in a row and the first one comes up with a funny phrase, e.g. B. "The cat takes grandma to the laundromat" and writes it down for safety. Then he whispers the sentence to the next child in the row and so it goes in turns until you get to the last child. The last child in question then has to say the sentence out loud that they understood, and all kinds of funny things will come out of it!

Pearl catching

You need:

  • Lots of grapes
  • A shallow bowl filled with water
  • stopwatch

Here, too, the children will have a lot to laugh about. A not so deep bowl is filled with water and a measured amount of grapes is put into it. Each child then has exactly 1 minute to fish as many grapes as possible out of the bowl with their mouths. Of course, the pearl diver must not use his hands to help! The water and grapes should of course be changed for each child beforehand. The one who caught the most pearls in the end is the winner!

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