Make scented bags with children

Making scented bags is fun and very easy. Especially in the cold season, warm aromas are good and put us in the pre-Christmas mood.

Make fragrance bags and give away

But also fragrance bags with lavender do good service: for example, in the cupboard against moths. For whatever purpose you Scented bag tinkers and used, they are definitely also great gifts that children can produce almost alone.

Make scented bags with toddlers

Making scented bags You can do it in two different ways. Will you with very young children Making scented bags, it is advisable to tie these easy and to dispense with sewing.

If the scent is to make you want to Christmas, spices such as cinnamon, dried peel of apples, oranges or lemons, dried pine needles and cloves are suitable. As a fabric you can use jute in this case, but of course you can do it with any other. Maybe the kids want to pick one, one with a Christmas or winter theme.

Fragrance flavors give away the easy way

First, let the children mix and chop the fragrance carriers. Then a circle is cut out of the fabric, with a diameter of about twenty to twenty-five centimeters. Then you draw for the children a second circle with about three centimeters distance to the fabric edge.

On this line is fed with a blunt needle gift ribbon. The crafted fragrance bags is now filled and closed. So you can freshen up the scent easily. Toddlers are also welcome to tie their bags.

Then tie a fir branch or a cinnamon stick to it and that's it crafted fragrance bags-Gift!

Tip: It is even better for the children if they dry the fruit peel themselves. However, this must be prepared from a long hand, because to fill the materials must be absolutely dry, so nothing moldy.

Scented bags tinker with the sewing machine

Select the fragrances as above. Should that crafted fragrance bags smell rather flowery, you simply choose dried rose petals, lavender, lilac blossoms or dried cherries.

For a small sachet, cut the fabric and place it in the middle, creating a small sack shape.

Attention: The fabric must be left around so that the seams are later inside. The sides are now sewn up with a stitching and the bag is everted so that the seams move inwards. One of the upper, still open side is then turned over (twice) and also closed with a stitching.

Then the crafted fragrance bag is filled and tied. Again, you can exchange the content again and again and so the scent of crafted fragrance bag refresh.

You want the crafted fragrance bag give it away, it is also particularly nice here, if you dry the flowers and herbs themselves. There are numerous instructions on the Internet. Just have a look!

Bouquets of spices (not only) at Christmas time

Spice bouquets were once the classic at Christmas time. Unfortunately, the perfume wonders are a little out of fashion today. You can easily tie them with children and they are also wonderful gifts for the dear relatives.

For a spice bouquet you need different pine cones, beechnuts, cinnamon sticks, star anise, cloves, flower wire in gold, gold bouillon, a small pliers, Biedermeier cuff and various gold or silver ribbons in velvet.

The pine cones and beechnuts can even be collected by yourself. Then all you have to do is wind the gold wire around the pins or corners and tighten them with the pliers. The wire is then shortened to a length of twenty centimeters.

Garnish spiced bouquets with sugar and cinnamon

So the spice bunch has the first stems with the pine cones and beechnuts. Now you can wrap cinnamon, star anise and cloves with gold bouillon and strengthen with flower wire. Cube sugar is also a visual highlight in spice bouquets.

If you like, you can also dye individual decorative objects such as cones and cinnamon with gold spray the day before. If all parts have a stem, they are tied together. For this purpose, gobble up the individual ends at the bottom, this keeps the spice bouquet in shape.


Finally, of course, wrap flower wire all around. The Biedermeier cuff around gives the bouquet of spices the slightly antique-romantic touch, as does the velvet ribbon, which everyone can tie around the spice stalk as they like.