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A mythical creature resembling a horse, but with a horn in the middle of his forehead, of course, is the unicorn. Unicorns, the majestic mythical creatures, are currently taking the hearts of little girls by storm, not just as coloring pages for Einhorn. Whether on school bags, rucksacks, clothing, bed linen, towels, lunch boxes or just as a stuffed animal to love, the unicorns are everywhere.

Unicorns earlier and today

Even in ancient times, the language of him is already. At that time unicorns were described as beautiful, fast, elegant but also strong and healing.

Unicorns in the nursery

Especially his horn was said to have healing powers in the Middle Ages, and so the unicorn even came in pharmacopeias. Some celebrities in history, such as Marco Polo, even claimed to have seen the mythical creatures on their travels.

But where does the belief in this being come from? In pictures made by different highly developed cultures over 2000 years BC, animals with a horn are recognizable.

Since no clear assignment could be made to known animal families, the myth of the unicorn, which even used different religious writings, was born. In Celtic mythology unicorn and dragon, the opposing good and evil, dar. The Celts is also the most famous version of the unicorn, that of the white horse with a twisted horn, thanks.

Coloring page Unicorn for children to get started

To be able to better immerse themselves in their own dream world, many children also like to paint, prefer their favorites and idols. This is how many works of art are being created by unicorns. But not every scion is satisfied with his talent and the resulting work. Luckily there are unicorns as coloring pages.

On specialized sites one receives fast and simply a huge number of desired coloring pages unicorn templates. Print and the happy child can get started and become an artist. The selection is huge. Baby unicorns, several mythical creatures in one picture, princesses cheerfully illuminating their unicorns, or just the little horse with the horn in front of a rainbow, who has the choice, is in agony.

Trained little draftsmen can also choose coloring pages unicorn with a beautiful background. Embellish with some glitter, the masterpiece is done. Browse through our free collection of Unicorn coloring pages. Clicking on the link opens the respective coloring page Unicorn:

Unicorn with children


Unicorn with rainbow


Unicorn in the forest

Unicorn and princess

Unicorn and roses

Unicorn in the night

Unicorn simple style

Unicorn in front of the castle

Can you ride a unicorn?

Unicorn and princess in front of the castle

Princess and unicorn

The unicorns conquered the world at lightning speed and dwarfed previous trends. Animals have been in the focus for quite some time now, so there was already the naughty "Diddl mouse", the adorable "Hello Kitty" or the cute owls.

But unicorns are different. They are reminiscent of the little girl dreams of own horse. Paired with the glittering horn and usually in the colors white, pink or purple, they seduce you into a dream world. They make our life carefree and beautiful and stand for freedom.

Adults and the passion for unicorns

Adults are reminded of their own childhood and especially of the lifestyle of the 80 and 90 years. As a symbol of individuality, justice and tolerance, the unicorn has a great importance in difficult times like today.

Children do not worry about that, of course, and so girls and many a boy find unicorns just cute and cuddling.

Why actually unicorns?

Since unicorns have long been mentioned in a variety of mythologies, they are not just a short fad.

Let's face it, are not we all wondering if they really exist? Whether they can do wonders and heal miracles with their horn, which is said to have magical powers. Would not we all like to stroke one or even ride on it?

Please contact usif you are looking for a very special coloring picture with a very special motive. We are also happy to create your own personal coloring sheet according to your specifications from a photo.

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