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With the birth of a baby, a new, exciting phase of life begins for couples. But at the same time, the quiet time for two comes to an end. The first few months with children are characterized by sleepless nights and by numerous new challenges that everyday life with babies entails. There is often little time or space for romance and sexuality.

Be parents - still remain lovers

This is not to say that children are relationship killers. The fact is, however, that parents have to make more efforts to remain lovers than childless couples. Of course, the priorities shift when children are born, but physical and emotional needs do not suddenly disappear with the birth.

But parents will remain lovers
But parents will remain lovers - © / Adobe Stock

They only play a subordinate role, but sooner or later both partners long to have more time for themselves.

Even parents have sexual needs

The art of not only being a family, but also staying in love is basically just a matter of organization. First of all, however, you have to admit to yourself that you are missing something and are looking for a conversation with your partner. Maybe he or she is the same and they break open doors. After all, parents don't have to be ashamed because they want physical closeness. In addition, children benefit when their parents have a full sex life, because it helps them to be happier and more relaxed.

Together you can then think about how you can incorporate more time for two into everyday life. It is important that you both then do everything possible to demand these moments for two - from yourself, from your children and from the person who might step in as a babysitter. There are no excuses!

As long as your children are still young, you should especially use the bedtime to talk and to share caresses. It works well if the topic "children" is excluded. At these moments, it should only be about you and your partner. Try to replace other stressful topics for a short time as well: You can use them for another evening of the week.

As soon as your child falls asleep at night, there's nothing wrong with hiring a babysitter. Treat yourself regularly, for example twice a month, to a child-free evening out of the house. It strengthens your relationship as a couple when you meet up with friends, go out for a romantic meal, or watch a movie in the cinema, as in the old days. Common experiences weld together.

Sex on plan versus spontaneous passion

When it comes to sex, many couples are reluctant to live out their needs when the children are sleeping next door. In this case, you have two options: Either you spontaneously decide to grab the opportunity when the little ones are playing football or ballet. Most couples get used to using every free minute when the opportunity arises. After all, spontaneity can also be very tingling.

Or you can organize a romantic getaway and ask the grandparents, for example, to take care of the children. Do you find an appointment for sex unromantic?

Maybe, but you can look forward to it for a long time and you really have your head clear. After all, real passion can only arise if you and your partner can relax and leave everyday worries behind.

But do not put yourself under pressure - everything is possible, nothing has to be done. It may also be important to you and your relationship, just to cuddle and laugh together.

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