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Self-designed emojis to color in with which you or your children can express certain emotions in an artistic form. With the emojis we offer, we deliberately left a lot of space on the templates so that the creatives among our visitors can add backgrounds or text.

Emojis for coloring

And if you don't want that, you can just print out the free emoji templates, send the faces as email or of course color them in. Clicking on a drawing opens the page with the desired emoji / smiley:

Emoji with smartphone


Emoji flirting

to flirt

Emoji couple in love

In love

Emoji grimace


Coloring page smiley

thumbs up

Emoji middle finger

Middle finger up

Emoji crazy

Crazy / crazy

Angry / upset emoji

Angry / upset

Emoji at a loss


Emoji cool

Cool with glasses

Waving emoji


Laughing emoji


Emoji angel with wings and halo



Excursus: smileys, emojis - isn't that the same thing?

Smileys, emojis and emocticons - what's the difference, because the fact is that the three terms do not all mean the same thing.

It started with the Emoticonswhich describe a simple string of characters and are supposed to express a feeling like the laughing face: -) - and was invented on September 19, 1982 by the US computer scientist Scott Fahlman of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

An smiley In the course of the worldwide acceptance of the Emocticons to express feelings in texts and the associated technical progress, the appropriate graphic for the Emocticon has become. In many cases, the emocticons entered today are automatically converted into the appropriate smiley 🙁

And because the triumphant advance of Emocticon and Smiley is endless, the term serves Emoji today as a generic term under which, in addition to emojis, other feelings, objects or situations are represented with graphics.


Do you have questions, suggestions or criticism? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a very special coloring picture with a very special motif. We would also be happy to create your own personal coloring template based on your specifications from a photo.

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